General Hospital Check Up Week of November 7, 2011

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Carly breaks the ice with Shawn

Laura Wright (Carly, GH)Will Carly ever learn to stay away from criminals like Sonny, Jason, and Johnny Z? Honestly, she really needs to think before acting. John can be dangerous. Not that danger is a bad thing. Shawn is dangerous. But Shawn has morals.

Carly is an idiot if she thinks Shawn has a race issue. Shawn is so not that type of man. Carly should know that. They do make me laugh with their bickering. Shawn still thinks he can tell Carly what to do – that’s just too funny.

Carly finally got Shawn to open up about his childhood. That’s huge for a private person like Shawn to let his guard down. And Carly made a great move with the toast to Shawn’s father.

Steve is obviously hiding something. But the question is what. Does he have a grown child? A wife? He’s clearly got some huge regret that’s haunting him.

The new doc reminds me a little too much of Lisa. She’s a bit of a lurker. That whole clown thing on Halloween was a little over the top. And what’s really going on between Dr. Maggie and Steve?   There’s a story just dying to come out.

So Lisa is obviously dead – murdered more than likely. But Patrick is acting so out of character. He’s sneaking into the house, acting guilty and talking cryptic. It wouldn’t be unlikely that Patrick killed Lisa. He saw no way out – she had to be stopped and death was the only option. And Patrick is suddenly in a hurry to leave town. Suspicious – kind of. Or it could be completely normal behavior considering all that’s happened.

In actor news, TV Guide’s Michael Logan reported exclusively that Jonathan Jackson has opted to leave ‘General Hospital.’ Read more on the story from Soapdom here.