General Hospital Check Up Week of November 5, 2012

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The Quartermaines keep things interesting

Jane Elliot (Tracy, GH)I didn’t think I would say this, but I love it that AJ is back and in the form of Sean Kanan. As great as Billy Warlock (ex AJ) was, Kanan IS AJ Quartermaine. Nobody can do the smug, messed up, and arrogant AJ like Sean Kanan can. And he’s great with the wicked humor too.

That being said, I don’t think AJ has changed a bit. He’s still the same stubborn trouble maker he always was. The man’s been back a couple days and already too many people know he’s alive.

The AJ storyline has also brought Alice back into the picture. And that’s a definite plus. It’s nice to see that wonderful Quartermaine comedy back after so long. Come on – Alice putting Tracy in a sleeper hold was just classically Quartermaine. And Alan is back. One more huge reason to keep watching.

So, Carly did a terrible thing to AJ in the past. But props to Carly for admitting the truth to Michael when he asked her about it.  And props to the max to Michael for trying to understand AJ’s past actions. I’m not saying AJ deserves a chance with Michael, but he does deserve to be heard.

Finally – Kim McCullough is back as Robin. Another wonderful piece of the blast from the past puzzle. Duke is involved up to his ears in Robin’s ‘death’ and Anna is falling head over heels for her former love. What will it take for Anna to remove the blinders where Duke is concerned?

In actor news, watch for the return of Tristan Rogers as the dashing Robert Scorpio. Will Robert save Robin and expose Duke for the criminal he really is? Watch next month and find out.

Also – for all the Quartermaine fans out there – SOAPnet is running a Q marathon on November 22 from 7 EST until midnight. Watch five classic Quartermaine Thanksgiving episodes dating all the way back to 1995.