General Hospital Check Up, Week of November 4, 2013

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Heather delivers some surprising news

Robin Mattson (Heather, GH)I really think it makes sense that Franco is Heather’s son. They both are crazy geniuses. They both are quite articulate and artistic. And they both are oddly appealing. The far-fetched part is believing that Scott is Franco’s father. I think that’s kind of pushing it, but it could work. Scott is brilliant – although he’s not what I would call crazy. I guess it’s possible that Scott fathered Franco.

I used to be so annoyed with Heather. Every time she would pop up, I would just sigh. But, I suddenly just love her. Once Heather explained that all her art was a different Kelly’s deli sandwich, I was hooked. I mean who else could paint a BLT like that? Nobody but Heather. And I give her credit for standing up in front of everyone and telling the truth about the art and about Franco. It’s obvious even though Heather is clearly unbalanced, she loves Franco.

Does anyone else like Sam and the good Dr. Clay together? I really enjoy them so much more than Sam and Jason or Sam and anyone for that matter. I still can’t completely see past the character looking and acting so much like John McBain but I’m getting there.

Has Sonny matured or what? He pretty much confided everything in Olivia about his current business issue. Those of us who love Sonny know how unusual that is. The Sonny of 20 years ago would never confide in anyone outside of the organization. Back then, Sonny wouldn’t even admit to Brenda that he was a mob boss. And now here he is confiding in Olivia. And Olivia seems ok with all of it.

That being said, it really stung Sonny when he realized Morgan planted that bug in the office. Not that Sonny should have been surprised – after all he did betray Morgan in front of a room full of people. But that whole story reminded me of the time Brenda wore a bug and Sonny found out. He reacted with such violence back then. It was interesting how that sort of came back around with Morgan.

Speaking of Morgan, I really think he’s following in Jason’s footsteps. Julian will be to Morgan what Sonny was to Jason. I think Julian will soon become Morgan’s mob mentor. That is if Julian survives the wrath of Sonny.

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