General Hospital Check Up Week of November 30, 2009

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Are Jason's days numbered?

Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)I'm still not sure what Franco's angle is. Is he trying to emulate Jason? Is he trying to prove something to Jason or to threaten him?   Renting a flat in Jason's name, killing people, photographing the dead. Was the point of the weird painting to give Jason his address? And if so, why lure Jason to his flat? Is Franco obsessed with Jason? Or maybe he wants to kill Jason? Maybe Franco wants to kill the ultimate mob enforcer that we all know as Jason Morgan.

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, General Hospital)Karaoke at Jake's - can we talk? I love seeing Coleman as the ringmaster of the whole scene. He just steals the show. But I give everyone huge props for trying their hand at the singing. But for me, the clear winner was Diane Miller. She was great. Very entertaining. I also really enjoyed Tracy's dance moves while Luke and Ethan sang their song.

Speaking of music, it was very cute seeing Lulu spend an afternoon playing musical video games with Dante/Dom. I really thought Dominic Zamprogna looked very natural playing the drums. I wonder if he has a musical background?

Dante/Dom is definitely conflicted about putting Sonny away. He seems to genuinely like Sonny. The one thing that gets under Dante/Dom's skin is a possible romance between Olivia and Sonny. Olivia seems conflicted as well. I think if she really went with her heart, Olivia would choose Sonny over Johnny. He was her first love and he's the father of her only child. That's a huge connection. It doesn't even matter that Sonny doesn't know he's Dante/Dom's father. Olivia knows and she's really the one calling the shots. All Olivia needs to do is say the word and Sonny is hers for the taking. He helped her cook chili in the Kelly's kitchen. Then to top it off, Sonny had a surprise romantic dinner waiting for Olivia. What woman wouldn't love that?

It seems that Nikolas and Elizabeth just can't keep their hands off of each other. Rebecca finally gets it. So how long before Lucky walks in on them, I wonder? It can't be soon enough for me. Let Liz and Nik couple it up. Then Lucky can finally have some closure. Ironic to see Lucky confiding in Nik about his upcoming marriage, isn't it? Poor Lucky - I can't help but feel sorry for him.

It's nice to see that both Nik and Liz trust Robin enough to confide in her. And I have to hand it to Robin for not judging them for their indiscretion. I think Robin will soon have her hands full with Dr. Lisa though. Time will tell.