General Hospital Check Up - Week Of November 3, 2008

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Sweeps continue as Carly rescues Sonny and Jerry shows Sam his dark side


Laura Wright (Carly, General hospital)The flashbacks when Sonny went in the water were off the hook.  Carly rocks - she’s the bravest woman who ever was a mob wife.  The way she dove in and got Sonny out of that water - well I can't even put my feelings into words.  I’m not saying I want them back together.   I’m just saying Carly impressed the heck out of me.  I'm not sure if Carly is the "ultimate" mob wife but I am sure she's one heck of a brave lady.  Carly plays nurse really well for someone who flunked out of the program.  Think about it – she patched up Robin, Jerry, Kate, and now Sonny.  Maybe Carly should reconsider the nursing program.  I have to wonder why Carly didn’t call Bobbie over to help with Sonny. 

I enjoyed Carly and Sonny’s banter.  The way she tried to shove “processed” breakfast food in his mouth.  Carly tried to bring Sonny’s fever down with a sponge bath, saying she had seen it all before.  She even walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.  Talk about confidence.  I think Carly topped herself when she watched, as Sonny got dressed.  All of it was great, classic, funny Carly.
The mother/daughter/baby story with Robin and Anna made me cry.  Imagine that - I'm crying and I haven’t really connected all that much with this story.  Very well done all the way around.  And that baby!  How cute is she?  Simply adorable, especially in Patrick’s arms.  I liked the way Maxie tried to include Matt in the celebration of Emma Grace Scorpio Drake.  Even better was Anna bringing Spinelli to see the baby and Robin. 

Jason Thompson - wow – I’m very impressed with his acting lately.  Patrick’s awkwardness with the baby was very real and beautiful.  Possibly because Jason Thompson hasn’t had much experience with infants?   Either way, it was all so incredibly realistic.  All that emotion and distress with the baby reminded me of my own experience in labor.  Sadly, I didn't have Drake Jr. by my side when I gave birth. 
It’s so great to see Maxie concerned about Robin – she has so much passion.  Matt is trying to help too - I think he might just like Maxie a little.  And Spinelli is being so sweet and helpful.  Even Mac seems to be having a change of heart about Spinelli.
Last week I wondered if Scotty was having a mid life crisis.  This week I’m certain he needs a reservation at Shady Brook.  I honestly think Scotty is in the middle of a mental breakdown.  He’s completely delusional about Laura.

It was pretty fitting for Luke and Laura to go over the cliff in the car and survive.  Even though Laura was upset with Luke, those two still shine together.  Sorry to all who don't like Luke & Laura but I found Friday so touching.  Luke and Laura are magical together.  Thinking about it, Laura is sort of my generation’s soap heroine.  I loved everything from her this past week.  I hope they bring her back but if they don't, I don't feel cheated.

Sam and Jason - I know some dislike her.  I also know many are insulted by any pairing of Sam and Jason, given what she did to Jake.  But I'm glad to see that someone other then Nikolas, Lucky, and Nadine believes Sam’s story about Jerry.  Jason seems to believe Jerry set Sam up.  I see nothing romantic for JaSam but I do see Jason helping Sam because he'd like to rid Port Charles of Jerry.  It’s kind of weird Jerry’s still alive, since he’s not technically connected to Carly anymore.  Also, Jerry lost his ace in the hole when Emily died.  Makes me wonder why Jason hasn’t killed Jerry already.

Jax gets his own paragraph this week.  What’s with him?  First he wants a divorce and now he suddenly wants to try again?  Then he lurks around and watches Carly through the window?  Jax doesn’t respect Carly or their relationship enough to simply ask her why she’s with Sonny.  So he just marched over and presented Carly with divorce papers.  I really believe Carly is better off without Jax.  Maybe he needs to go off in search of Jerry for a few months or years. 

I’m convinced Jerry has gone off the deep end .......... and I like it like that.  It's as if Jerry is having a mental breakdown.  He's positively gone over the edge.  Either that or Jerry has multiple personality disorder.   He has at least two personalities – each as different as night and day.  First, there’s the Jerry who visited Jason to tattle on Sam, dated Alexis, paid for Coop’s burial, and saved Maxie from Matt.  Then there’s the Jerry who stormed the Metro Court, poisoned Nikolas, set the clinic on fire, and recently took Sam hostage.

Poor Sam is a victim without a clue.  I’ll give Sam credit for trying to fight Jerry when he drugged her though.  It was impressive watching Sam pick the lock on the handcuffs using a paperclip.   I don’t understand why Sam didn’t try to fight back at that point.  Why didn’t she kick Jerry in the head with those lethal boots of hers?  We’ve seen Sam fight for her life before (remember the TMK?), so what happened?  I guess Sam is very resourceful, just not “particularly bright.”  One of my favorite things so far was when Jerry called Sam, “quite fetching.”   Then Jerry topped himself by rubbing Sam’s leg to wake her up.   Jerry seems to thrive on getting under Sam’s skin right now.  As we saw Friday, everything is just an amusing game to Jerry.

I think Jerry has gone over the edge because he spent too much time in that “mind numbing stroll through the straight and narrow,” pretending to be "reformed."  This is the best we've seen from the character in over a year.  This is my favorite version of Jerry – the sociopathic, sarcastic and impatient loose cannon.  The way he stands so smug and confident, with his arms folded.  Fantastic writing and acting as far as that goes.  I feel very cheated and disappointed that he's out.  This coming week will unfortunately be the last we see of Jerry Jacks for a long while or maybe forever.  Hopefully, he will continue to be magically psychotic this week.   I'm enjoying him so much now, but it's definitely bittersweet.  This character really brought some life back into the show for me.  I'm not as connected to most of the younger generation of characters.  I still miss Tony Jones, Frisco Jones, and Kevin Collins.  But back to Sebastian’s version of Jerry Jacks – it just drew me in for some reason.  I don't know how to explain it except to say the man clearly has a gift.