General Hospital Check Up Week of November 28, 2011

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What are Robin and Patrick hiding?

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)Given that Kim McCullough (Robin) is leaving the show, I first wondered if Robin either killed Lisa or she knows who did. If Robin did it, that would make for the perfect exit for Kim McCullough. That being said, ABC promos are making it appear that Robin has a health issue. So it could be that she had nothing to do with Lisa’s death. But Robin clearly has a secret of her own.

With ABC promos hinting at a health issue for Robin, could it have something to do with her HIV status?  If so, this could be really serious. She seemed on the verge of coming clean with Patrick on Friday.

Patrick is acting so strange, I’m thinking he’s somehow involved in Lisa’s murder. Everything about Patrick, from his word choices to his actions, makes him appear guilty. I’m thinking maybe he covered for someone else. Patrick doesn’t seem capable of murder.

Speaking of hiding – there’s a lot of that going around. What’s Steve hiding about his past? Whatever it is, it must be pretty big.

I’m thinking Shawn should move in with Carly temporarily. If he’s that concerned with safety, it makes sense to stay with Carly. Shawn is almost over the top concerned about Carly. He’s become emotionally involved with the woman he’s protecting. Remember when Dante did that with Brenda??

What’s stranger than a woman in white and a mysterious man staying at Wyndemere? I think the answer is why does Ethan care so much? Why would a guy like Ethan have any interest what goes on at a mansion on an island? He really has no connection to Spoon Island and Wyndemere.

So why is Sonny – a major mobster – spending time at his childhood home? We’re to believe that Sonny is trying to come to terms with his past. But one would think Sonny is a busy man. How he has time to chase his own ghosts his beyond me. It seems the logical move would be for Sonny to seek therapy and take his medication. Rather, Sonny chooses to waste time and money trying to come to terms with his abusive childhood. I wonder if this is a way to make us find Sonny more ‘human’ and more endearing. And if so, will it work?

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