General Hospital Check Up - Week of November 25, 2013

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Will Robin stop the wedding?

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)Finally, Robin’s nightmare is over. She’s free to return to her life and her family. Or is she? Things may not be so easy for our Robin since Patrick is just about to marry Sabrina. Will Robin speak up and stop the wedding? Or will she watch quietly from the back of the church? And what will Patrick’s reaction be if Robin does speak up? Whatever the outcome, it won’t be an easy ‘happily ever after’ for anyone, I’m afraid.

That being said, who will Patrick choose? Patrick finally moved on from Robin’s death and it wasn’t easy. So if given the choice, will Patrick chose Robin or Sabrina? And whatever the outcome, little Emma will likely be hurt and confused.

Here’s my idea for the perfect resolution – Robin should speak up and make her presence known. Patrick will be overwhelmed with love and emotion. Sabrina (being the noble young lady she is) will step aside and let the true love of Patrick and Robin rule. Sabrina will suggest that Robin and Patrick renew their own wedding vows since everyone is already gathered at the church. And they will all live happily ever after.

Anna rocks – no matter what the situation, she comes out on top. Not only does Anna look stunning holding a gun, she’s tough as nails and smart as a whip. I don’t think anyone can get a jump on her. It should be interesting to see if Anna goes through with her plan to kill Faison. Clearly he deserves death, but will Ann be able to do it? And will Robert support Anna’s decision?

I’m thinking that Jerry will trade the cure for Bobbie’s life. We all know how desperate Jerry is for that cure. He doesn’t care about anything else. So Luke will more than likely make the trade. Then Jerry will disappear yet again – but not forever.

In actor news, Rick Springfield (Noah) is currently on tour. This time around, Springfield will hit the stage solo with a combination of music and stories. Visit his official website for ticket information.