General Hospital Check Up - Week Of November 24, 2008

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And the bride wore black


Here comes the bride – all dressed in black.  Everyone wore black at the mob wedding starring Sonny and Claudia.  Of all the women Sonny has married, Claudia is probably his best match.  They both have no morals and both are pathological liars.  Neither of them takes responsibility for their actions.  And it seems they both have no love or respect for themselves.  Sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

When did Elizabeth Webber become a coward?  The Liz I remember would have moved mountains to protect her kids.  The Liz we saw this past week was afraid and timid.  She “forgot” how to shoot a gun.  She was remorseful for killing a man who may very well have killed her and her kids.  The Elizabeth I know would have emptied that gun on that Russian.  She would have shot first and asked questions later, if at all.

Since when is Sam a superhero?  She’s become the star character of November sweeps.  Enough already.   Suddenly Sam’s become the queen of Port Charles and everyone else has become an idiot, a coward, a cartoon, or dead.   

Finally Jax and Kate gave in to their mutual attraction.  I think the two of them are perfect together.  I had to laugh when Carly came upon them and her first impulse was to pull out the gun Sonny gave her.  Carly holding a gun and watching idiot Jax and the bubblehead fashionista was pure Carly.  I’m thinking she may just pull the trigger.

Alexis is suddenly determined to make Jason “pay” for his actions.  She’s acting like a woman scored.  Never mind that Alexis was having a relationship with a known criminal recently.  Diane called Alexis out on her continued hypocrisy.  It’s about time someone did.  So Alexis claimed she had Jerry’s number from the get go.   That she was supposedly waiting for Jerry to slip up and then she would make him “pay.”  So are we to believe Alexis is such a hero, she fooled around with Jerry to what – get information to use against him?  Catch him at his own game?  Please.

Maybe it’s just me but I found Wednesday’s episode completely out of sync.  There I was waiting for more on Jake’s kidnapping and instead I was treated to a Scrubs fantasy episode.  The premise was cute but it seemed more like a Night Shift episode than a General Hospital episode.  So Robin had a dream about life without Patrick.  Liz dumped Patrick and Matt cheated on Robin.  The best part of Robin’s entire dream episode was seeing Alan alive and well. 

November sweeps has been a bit of a let down to many fans.  Just visit the message boards and you’ll see what I mean.  A number of my GH friends have given up hope and actually stopped watching.  Many are disappointed with the continued “push/pull” of Liason.  Fans of the couple simply want them together.  They’re tired of being teased with crumbs that don’t pan out.  Other fans are tired of sweeps being the avenue to kill or write off their favorite characters.  Finally, many are tired of all the mob violence.  I can’t bring myself to leave a program that’s provided some of the best characters, couples, and stories on daytime television.  So for now, I choose to watch everyday and remain hopeful.