General Hospital Check Up Week of November 2, 2009

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Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital)Carly is saved and Claudia's crazy train crashes!

Wow what an exciting week on GH. As usual, I have a few opinions on what happened. So here we go - why didn't Carly take Claudia's cell phone? She took the flashlight, why not the phone? Where was Carly's phone? You can't convince me that a pregnant woman went out on a stormy night without her phone.

I love the way Dante is stepping up. The way he cares about Carly. I think he's gonna fit in perfectly with his

new family. He's very compassionate and caring. He's a take-charge kind of guy and I love that.

So Dante admitted his true self to Lulu. She now knows he's an undercover cop and Olivia's son. Whatever happens, I think Lulu will keep Dante's secret. As much as she hates to admit it, Lulu likes Dante. I admire him for staying in the water with her. But think about it - how strange it will be if Lulu marries Dante and Olivia marries Johnny. Lulu's ex will be her father in law. Sonny will also be Lulu's father in law. How soaptastic is that?

Speaking of props - I gotta give it to Alexis for getting Jason out of jail. Given her history with Sonny and her past as the DA, I sure didn't expect Alexis to step up. And props to Lucky for considering setting Jason free. Given their history, it was a very unexpected.

I loved the way Morgan tried to console Michael after Claudia took Carly. Little Morgan was the voice of reason for his big brother. The kid is such an old soul.

As bad as I feel for Michael, my heart just breaks for Johnny. He really loved Claudia and wanted to protect her. John knows he was the only light in Claudia's wretched life. It was sad when Johnny realized it was too late. The guy was torn in half. He knew Claudia needed to pay for her crimes but he loved her.

Speaking of torn - Carly is caught in the middle of what's "right" and protecting her child. I get where Jax is coming from by wanting to tell the police. That way Michael can get the help he needs so badly. But as a mother, the most important thing is to protect your child. That's where Carly's head is. Can't say I blame her.

Then there's Jax and his betrayal. Carly's come such a long way with him only to learn that he kept this huge secret from her. From his point of view, I know it was in the name of love. But as far as Carly can see, Jax kept a huge secret from her and of course Jerry was right in the middle of it. And the secret put Michael in danger, which makes it unforgivable in Carly's eyes.

Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)So Claudia's final moment was nothing, if not dramatic. I guess it was poetic justice that Michael killed her. But wow - what an intense few moments those were. Claudia heading out with baby Jax, Carly screaming, Michael coming in with an ax, Jason arriving too late to save the day. Poor Michael - how much more trauma can one kid handle? Lets take a moment and think about everything this kid has been through. He needs some intensive therapy but it's doubtful that will happen. It seems Sonny could use a little counseling too. When it comes down to it, I have to say that Claudia probably got what she deserved. But, I'll miss Sarah Brown. Good thing she's already airing on B & B.

Drew Garrett did such a great job this week. His anger during the whole dramatic ordeal was amazing. I do think Michael is one frightening, mixed up kid. He had no remorse or sense of "wrong" for killing Claudia. I worry for Michael's mental health if he doesn't get some professional help.

Finally and sadly, the soap world lost a great man this week. Our friend, Steve Frame, passed away after complications from a stroke. Steve was a devoted soap fan, a writer, a father, and a terrific guy. Many people knew him as the creator of Soaps Web. I was fortunate to befriend Steve this past year. I miss him already.