General Hospital Check Up - Week of November 18, 2013

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The murder trial begins and Robert makes the discovery of a lifetime

Sean Kanan (AJ, GH)With the return of Sean Kanan (AJ) this week came the long awaited murder trial. And as happy as I am to see Kanan (and AJ) back, I’m so much happier with the progress that Anna and Robert made.

That being said, I was thrilled to see that Robert and Anna not only got off that dreadful island, they brought Jerry back to Port Charles! And it didn’t appear that Jerry’s gunshot wound was tended to. I love Jerry but that just made me laugh! As did Luke’s comment that Robert (having shot Jerry) ‘always got to go on the fun rides.’

It was just a blast to watch my favorite vets Finola Hughes (Anna), Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Tony Geary (Luke) interact with Jerry (Sebastian Roche). And I have to say that Roche earned his stripes in those scenes. He was wonderful and certainly wasn’t outdone by such soap royalty.

So obviously my favorite episode aired on Friday. Anna, Robert, and Luke stormed Wyndemere in search of Robin. When Robert encountered a locked door, we all knew what that meant. As for me, I yelled out loud ‘kick down the door Robert!’ And he did. To Robert’s surprise and delight, Robin was in that room ready to defend herself against whoever was coming inside.

But it gets better. This week’s promo shows that Luke gets the upper hand on Faison and puts a bullet in the evil doer. It looks like Anna may be just in time to save Duke as well. The question of the day – will Robin arrive in time to stop Patrick’s wedding?

In actor news, as previously reported Tristan Rogers will exit the show in order to return to ‘Young and Restless.’ Also, ‘GH’ alum Jonathan Jackson (ex Lucky) is currently working on a solo album for Loud & Proud Records. The actor currently appears on ABC’s ‘Nashville.’