General Hospital Check Up - Week Of November 17, 2008

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"When it's done, no one will ever start a war with me again"


Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)How absurd is it that Nikolas doesn't own Spoon Island?  Doesn’t he have enough money to own the entire town of Port Charles?  And once again Nadine has gone so over the top.  I’m sorry but Nadine needs to grow up or just disappear.  She just carries on about the most ridiculous things.   Someone needs to stop her.  Or medicate her.

Spinelli found Maxie in the exact spot where he found Georgie’s dead body.  That was powerful.  As usual, Bradford Anderson showed another dimension – the serious side of Damien Spinelli.  But, no to firearms in the hands of the Jackal, please.  Does Spinelli need to shoot himself in the foot again?  I say let the big boys play with the guns – Jason, Cody, Max, Milo, Johnny.  Not the Jackal.  Spinelli and a gun – it just can’t end well.

What say you, Max?  “The guards are on high alert,” is that what Max said?  If that were true, would Spinelli have walked into Sonny’s house and taken a gun?

I really did enjoy Diane putting Jax in his place and calling him on what a failure he’s been as a husband.  Now that Jerry is missing or dead, I am counting on Diane to keep me entertained.  Speaking of Jerry gone missing, has anyone told Alexis?  Does she know Jerry planned to kill Sam?  Has Alexis gone missing as well?

How much more JaSam must we endure?  Sam is getting in the middle of Jason’s business.  She did successfully infiltrate the Russian mob, sort of.  Even though Jason was hesitant, he went along with Sam’s plan.  Jason attacked the Russians inside the warehouse without checking to see if Sam was inside.  He knew she was working with them again.  It makes me wonder why he didn’t do his research.

Why does Sonny keep answering Olivia’s cell phone?  Who does that?  I can’t imagine answering someone’s phone, ever.  It just seems impolite.  Why doesn’t Olivia turn off her phone when she leaves a room?  Honestly I don’t know why Olivia is still in town.  Kate is fine and the wedding is off.  Doesn’t Olivia have a job and a life someplace else?  I like Olivia.  It just doesn’t seem logical that she would linger in Port Charles for so long.  She had the nerve to tell Jason to “let Sonny back into the mob.”  Who the heck is Olivia to ask Jason for a favor like that?  She’s really starting to overstay her welcome.

So Robin isn’t excelling at motherhood yet.  Patrick on the other hand has fatherhood down to the last detail.

So Lucky promised to get Liz, Sam, and the kids to a safe cabin.  Then he bailed on them so he could report to work?  Why would he let them go off alone, especially at night?  The bigger question is why Jason didn’t send a guard or two along.  Doesn’t Jason know how inept Lucky is?  So now Sam and Liz are stranded at the “safe” cabin with a group of killers and no telephone.  The Russians are outside waiting to strike.  I don’t expect Jason will be much help since he’s been arrested.  Lucky is oblivious to the situation so that leaves him out as well.  I sure hope Sam brought her gun along.   Even more, I hope Liz is better at handling a gun than Spinelli.