General Hospital Check Up Week of November 12, 2012

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Tristan Rogers (Robert, General Hospital)Faison is alive and Robert Scorpio returns

Duke is Faison – did you all guess that to be true as the mask came off? I found it frightening but invigorating. Faison is the most frightening villain ever. He’s not even real, yet he’s very scary.

Some of the Faison stuff is a bit hard to swallow. It really begs so many questions. How does Faison keep pulling his Duke mask off? Does he have a large collection of them? And can’t Anna tell something is off by the way his face feels?

The real Duke is alive, which is a plus because he didn’t kill Jason (if Jason is really dead, that is). So there’s still hope for a real Anna and Duke reunion. That’s something for fans to look forward to.

And the return of Robert Scorpio was just what we all needed. Who else but Robert can find Robin and save Anna? And with the help of Olivia, who else will figure out that Duke is really Faison. Nobody else.

Michael is giving AJ a fair chance – good for him. Poor Michael – he’s really getting a lesson in what Carly and Sonny are all about. They really did push AJ over the edge all those years ago.

Carly is such a hypocrite – didn’t she once upon a time steal her mom’s husband? And later, didn’t Carly shoot that same man? Yet Carly is on AJ for the horrible things he’s done in the past. If you ask me, Carly is just as bad as AJ and they really are perfect for each other. Think about it – don’t Carly and AJ make the best and most dysfunctional couple?

In actor news, be sure and take a look at Michael Logan’s interview with Faison portrayer, Anders Hove.  And according to SOAPnet, this week will bring the passing of Edward Quartermaine due to the real life death of actor John Ingle. Watch for some of the missing Q’s to return to pay their respects.