General Hospital Check Up Week of November 11, 2013

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Will Robert and Anna make their escape?

Tristan Rogers (Robert, GH)Last we saw our heroes, they had managed to get the lab door open using chewing gum, tape, and salt. It was pretty amazing watching them, I have to admit. But will they get out of the lab and off the island before Jerry stops them? And speaking of Jerry – where is he? We haven’t seen Jerry since he locked Robert and Anna in the lab.

Things could get rather complicated since Tristan Rogers (Robert) is reportedly leaving the show to return to ‘Y&R.’ With that said, how will they write Robert off? I’m thinking Anna will head back to Port Charles to find Robin and Robert will go after Jerry.

Back to Robin. Any guesses as to what will happen now that Carlos knows she’s alive? I’m thinking the two will team up to stop the wedding. Both Robin and Carlos have a lot to lose if Patrick marries Sabrina. And Robin can’t continue to sit by and watch all of this unfold. Not our Robin – she’s not going to stand for it. So who better than Carlos to lend Robin a hand? I believe the two will become partners with a common goal.

It looks to me like Nikolas is falling for Brit. Like I said before, the two have a lot in common. But I’d really rather see Nikolas with Elizabeth. Now that AJ is sort of out of the picture, Elizabeth should be with Nikolas.

So Lulu perjured herself – did anyone else see that coming? The big question is, will Dante tell the truth? I think he will. Dante is so honest and good – he would never lie under oath. But if he calls Lulu our, will their marriage survive? And what will that do to Lulu’s credibility as a mother?

In actor news, Tristan Rogers has confirmed via twitter that he’s headed back to ‘Y & R.’ TV Guide’s Michael Logan spoke with ‘GH’ head writer Ron Carlivati.