General Hospital Check Up - Week Of November 10, 2008

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"Put on your party face because we are going to have a blast"


Sebastian Roche (Jerry General Hospital)Well this was the final count down for Jerry Jacks.  Unfortunately it looks like Jerry has gotten caught in his own web, or net, as it were.  I was torn when Jason was fighting with Jerry.  Seriously torn.  But in the end, I rooted for Jerry.  I couldn’t help myself.

I hate that Sebastian Roche is gone but I’ve accepted it.  Thankfully, his colorful version of Jerry went out the way he came in - unhinged and crazy.  And as much as I love Spinelli, I really enjoyed it when he tried to fight Jerry.  Bless his heart for trying but Jerry clearly won that round.  It was just funny and physical which is the way I love Bradford Anderson’s Spinelli.  I wonder, was that it for Jerry?  I think we may see him one more time but that's just me being logical, as I don't think they'll just leave us hanging.  Jerry should go out with a much bigger “blast.”  I have to say this version of Jerry has reminded me why I loved him so much from the start.  These past few weeks we've been treated to the "real" Jerry - not the pretender trying to walk a straight path for the love of a woman.  Who CAME UP with that story anyway???  That chilling and psychotic laugh just before the boat went “boom” was pure Jerry.   What the heck was so funny, anyway?  I guess Jerry was laughing at the irony of the situation.  I know he's alive - he's Jerry Jacks and it takes more than an explosion to get rid of him.  Pass me the tissues - I miss him already.  But what a way to go out.    

I think it would have been more interesting if Jerry had partnered up with Sasha.  They could have destroyed Port Charles together.  It would have made perfect sense for Jerry to work within the lethal Russian mob.  He could have stayed in James Craig mode too.  That would have been exciting.  Way more exciting than Jerry working as a drug smuggler.

How long will Olivia keep Sonny’s secret?  She stood there and watched Sonny kill Karpov so I’m betting she won’t keep it to herself for long.  Olivia reminds me so much of Carly.  Just a ball of fire that acts first and asks questions later. 

Sonny, Sonny, Sonny – he’s the definition of hopeless and unstable.  It sure looks like Sonny is heading for a breakdown.  Just the facial expressions and the body language are telling me that he's heading in a downward spiral.  Sonny has become such a pitiful man.  The only person he confides in now is Mike.  How ironic is that?  Sometimes I forget how much I love and respect Maurice Benard.  I forget what a talented actor he is.  I forget because I don't like Sonny at all lately. 

Carly - well I can understand her actions.  She's been sucked into that bottomless pit and can't find her way out.  Carly claims to be over Sonny but I’m not as convinced as she is.  Maybe it's just me but I do understand why she can't seem to break free from the man who is so detrimental for her.  Would Sonny have gone to such ends for Carly?  NO WAY.  On a good day he tolerates her.  Sonny has no respect for Carly and most of the time I think he just doesn't care for her at all.  Carly risked everything to help Sonny and give him an alibi.  It looks like Carly’s decision cost her reconciliation with Jax.  Carly needs to stop begging Jax for another chance.  The man is so not worthy.

Three generations of Webber/Spencer women is a beautiful thing.  Having Lesley, Laura, and Lulu in the same room together was fabulous.  I loved pretty much everything Laura Spencer this past week, especially seeing her interact with her kids.  The only thing that bothered me was the way Laura welcomed Johnny with open arms.  I get that it would be pot meeting kettle but still, doesn't Laura know this guy is bad news for her daughter?  Does anyone learn from his or her mistakes in Port Charles?  As much as I love Tracy, I liked how Laura got under her skin.  Laura made it crystal clear that she would forever be in Luke’s heart. 

I adore Genie Francis.   Everything about her is beautiful, and I’m not just talking about physical beauty.  I love Laura in the role of nurturing mom - she was such a messed up teen/young adult.   That interaction with Liz was so historic.   I remember how they bonded back when Liz was raped - when the fabulous Jonathan Jackson played Lucky.  I really love the interaction between Tyler Christopher and Genie Francis too.  You can tell everyone loves and respects her.  Genie is one of those actresses who bring out the best work in everyone around her.  I’m sad she left but I love how the door was open for a return.  Even more, I love how Luke and Laura parted with love. 

I have to hand it to Sam.  The woman knows how to handle a firearm.  She really does.  It took lots of courage for Sam to go explain herself to Elizabeth.  Aside from the thrill of the adventure, it doesn’t look like Sam has any interest in Jason.  She seems to honestly want a life with Lucky. 

I can’t say I blame Elizabeth for overreacting to finding Jason with Sam.  This whole push, pull thing with Jason is taking its toll on her.  It’s nice to see Liz go back to her assertive and feisty ways.  On the other hand, should Liz be involved in the chaos that is Jason’s “work?”  I understand why she wants to be, I just don’t know if she needs to be.
Is Nadine mentally ill?  Why does she think Nikolas wants to marry her?  How I would love for her to be a Sweeps casualty.  She's just reverting back to her idiotic ways and I have a hard time watching her.

Does Bobbie Spencer still live in Port Charles?  She didn’t visit Lulu in Shady Brook or come and see Laura.  Why wasn’t Bobbie outside of Kelly’s mourning the family’s loss?

Scrubs seem to have survived their latest crisis.  It’s nice to see Matt interacting with them.  Am I imagining it or is Matt a lot less uptight lately?  

The Russians are wreaking havoc on Port Charles.  Thanks so much for that, Sonny.  There’s a new player in the game but all we have so far is a voice on a speakerphone.  No name and no face yet.  So far we’ve lost Kelly’s and Jason’s office.  I’m betting there’s much more to come.