General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 26, 2014

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Maura West (Ava, General Hospital (c) Kathy Hutchins)Sonny learns the truth

Sonny finally knows it was Ava who killed Connie – that it wasn’t AJ. And let’s get real – Connie did write Ava’s initials in her blood. Sonny just assumed ‘AJ’ meant Quartermaine, not Ava Jerome. Sonny should feel horribly guilty about killing AJ. I know Sonny does have a conscience and he feels very guilty, but he deserves to.

And can I just say wow – Ava is pregnant! That’s so very convenient. I wonder who the baby daddy is. Either way, Sonny is locked in. Ava will either be the mother to Sonny’s child or his grandchild. Sonny claims he will kill Ava once the baby is born but I don’t believe he will. I can’t see Sonny leaving a child without a mother. Although, it may be in the kid’s best interest, considering who the mother is.

Does Julian know who Luke is? I mean does Julian know he isn’t our Luke Spencer. There are so many unanswered questions on this topic. I still think Julian could be working for the good guys. If that’s the case, this is all temporary and the good guys will prevail – eventually.

Oh Julian – how do you sleep at night? Framing Ric was low – even for Julian. So Julian claims he’s protecting his family, yet Ric is Molly’s father. This will be a huge blow to Alexis and to Molly. I understand that Julian is living in fear of his boss, but I don’t like this one bit. And I wonder how Alexis will react when the truth comes out. We all know the truth will come out eventually.

I know Ric is innocent as far as the mob stuff, but I’m not so sure about him and here’s why. If Ric was so crazy about Elizabeth, why didn’t he contact her over the years? I don’t understand that. It’s obvious Ric has strong feelings for Liz, so why would he leave everything to chance? Yes, I like Ric – and I do like him with Elizabeth. I just don’t understand his process for getting her back. And if you ask me, Elizabeth should be cautious – she tends to jump into things with her eyes closed.

So we finally know that Luke is an imposter. But who is this man that looks like our Luke Spencer? And when will his true identity be revealed? Lots of speculation on who this person really is. Some say it’s Jerry Jacks but the height difference makes me skeptical of that. Also, it seemed like Jerry was working for Julian. So Jerry can’t be Julian’s boss. Others think it’s Trevor Lansing, Rick’s dad. Would Trevor go so low as to frame his own son? Whoever is behind the face of Luke, he really has a vendetta against Ric. But I think this is someone we least expect. I have no idea who it is, but I don’t think it’s Jerry or Trevor.

In actor news, Hannah Nordberg will assume the role of Jocelyn Jacks beginning June 17. Also watch for the return of Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay in the coming weeks