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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up - Week Of May 26, 2008

General Hospital Check Up - Week Of May 26, 2008

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Spinelli shares Maxie's bed, Jax returns home, and Sonny leaves the mob (again).


Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the week began with an encore episode from February of 2007.  In the episode, James Craig and company stormed the Metro Court and took everyone hostage.  Then and now, James Craig had me glued to the TV.  He had me at “this is a robbery.”  I don’t think we’ve had a story or a sweeps that exciting since.

Sonny proved to me once and for all he’s nothing but a delusional bully.  The way he beat up on poor Spinelli was horrible.  Sonny had some nerve trying to push all the responsibility of the “business” on Jason.   Sonny seems to think he deserves a “normal” life just because he says so.  It’s not that easy, Sonny.  It seems Jason agrees with me since he told Sonny, “What you do, you pay for.  You don’t get to have a nice life and either do I.”  Enough said. 

Back to Spinelli.  For me, he’s one of the best characters ever on daytime television.  Bradford Anderson is brilliant.  He’s made Spinelli is the perfect blend of humor, wit, and physical comedy.  Bradford Anderson’s use of body language and facial expressions add to the uniqueness of the character.  I love Spinelli’s sweetness and his naivety.  Poor Spinelli simply wants to save the people he cares about from themselves.

Ok so Spinelli thought he and Maxie got intimate not once, but six times!  Sonny must have hit him harder than I realized.  Spinelli actually seemed pretty impressed with himself.  Here’s Maxie’s take on the situation when Sam questioned her about it:

Maxie:  “Sex with Spinelli, no way.  I would never do that.  I like him too much.”

According to Maxie, Spinelli is her “best friend.”   I think my favorite part of that whole misunderstanding was seeing Mac, finally.  He plays the role of uncomfortable father so well.  Robin summed it up when she said Mac was “traumatized” by the whole situation.  Why we don’t see more of Mac, I’ll never understand.

I like the way Sam took Spinelli under her wing.  Their relationship is really fun and innocent.  Sam playing the role of Spinelli’s personal trainer works for me.  She’s in fabulous shape and she can hold her own, even in stilettos.  After his first training session with Sam, Spinelli said, “my guns are screaming with pain and glee but thanks to you I will soon be a pillar of manly prowess.”  After which, he limped out of Sam’s apartment in search of “a long, hot soak.”  In Spinelli’s case, love definitely hurts.  

Max and Milo are a funny, adorable duo.  Milo’s concern for big brother Max is sweet.  The other side of their relationship is reminiscent of the three stooges.  Max putting Milo in the headlock was hilarious.  All they needed to round out the trio was Spinelli.

Poor Carly.  She’s just wasn’t thinking clearly.  Leaving town isn’t the answer.  Bless Spinelli’s heart for trying to save Carly from herself.  As if he hasn’t shed enough tears lately, Jason was emotional at the thought of Carly leaving.  I don’t think Jason can stand to lose another person he cares about. 

Jason seems to have lost what little sense of humor he once had.  He’s in full mob mode.  The look on Jason’s face after he set Anthony’s house on fire was just plain scary.  Watch your back, Anthony.

I was finding Patrick and Robin cute but just a little boring.  Then the baby kicked – what an emotional moment that was.  Finally something realistic and raw from those two.

What’s become of Logan?  He’s turned into a “yes” man.  Ok, I laughed when Anthony called him “monkey.”

What’s going on with Ric?  He’s gone back to the revenge seeking man determined to take Sonny and Jason down.  Just when we get a glimmer of hope that Ric has turned himself around, he regresses.  I would much rather see Ric as a “good guy.”  We need to see him interact more with his daughter.  It would be nice to see him with a realistic love interest too. 

Well Jax finally returned.  He claimed he never saw Brenda.  I guess time will tell.  The man’s hypocrisy really bothers me.  I mean, he can go to Italy where the love of his life lives but he gets upset when Carly hugs Sonny.  What?  Then there’s Carly.  She goes to Jason and Sonny for comfort but gets upset when Jax goes to Kate.  I think these two hypocrites are a perfect match.

Speaking of hypocrisy, Alexis was at it again.  She continues to criticize Sonny for his chosen profession.  Then, she has the nerve to keep company with Jerry.  If Sonny’s choices make him an unfit parent, what do Alexis’ choices make her?  She’s certainly a far cry from a fit parent.  As District Attorney, why is Alexis even representing Jerry?  Alexis actually yelled at Sonny on Friday.  Excuse me Alexis but aren’t you the one who allows Jerry around your daughter?  Jerry, the man formerly known as James Craig – the guy who took hostages at the Metro Court and shot Robin?  Lets not forget that Alexis was once married to Ric.  As Diane said to Alexis a couple weeks back “pot meet kettle.”

Maxie and Lulu never disappoint me, especially when they argue.  They bicker better than an old married couple.  I liked how they incorporated their argument into their work responsibilities.  They two of them are fantastic at multitasking.   

Claudia and Nikolas are bonding over their dysfunctional families.   That scares me just a little.  Nik is ripe for the picking and Claudia is smart enough to recognize how vulnerable he is.

Poor Sonny.  He lost his sons and his career in the same week.  I don’t think Sonny can cope with losing his daughter too.  I seriously fear he’s heading toward a breakdown.  Now that Jason has taken over the business, what’s next for Sonny?  I hope his plan includes more than just staying home with a bottle.  Word is he’s gonna peddle coffee.  I wonder how long that will last?


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QueenRuler said:

I gotta say, Lauri, I couldn't agree more in regard to your comments on Spinellli. He makes GH for me right now, believe it or not. Bradford Anderson is -- like you said -- nothing short of brilliant in this role. Spinelli is as vulnerable as he is technologically unsurpa*sed. You can't help rooting for him. I especially liked Sam's involvement -- getting him to buff up! Very cute scenes.

Soapdom CEO and QueenRuler
June 02, 2008
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Linda Marshall-Smith (QueenRuler, Soapdom.com)
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