General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 19, 2014

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Is that really Luke?

Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)I don’t believe that any version of Luke Spencer would even think about hurting Lucas or Alexis. For one, Lucas is Luke’s nephew. Bobbie adores Lucas, and Luke adores Bobbie – I’m not buying it that Luke would kill him. And Luke and Alexis have been friends for years, so that’s not even a realistic road to travel. At first, I almost believed this man was really our Luke. But he’s crossed so many lines; I’m convinced this man is an imposter. Yes, Luke is a line crosser, but this is just too far out there, even for him.

So the question is – who is this man passing himself off as Luke Spencer? Some people believe he’s really Trevor Lansing – father of Ric Lansing. Is that even possible? I guess if we believe in the new version of Jerry Jacks, anything is possible.

Finally the truth is out about Connie’s murder. As much as I enjoy Ava, I almost hope Sonny goes gunning for her. After all, Ava shot Olivia too. But the sad part is, Sonny killed AJ because of Connie. What a waste. Not that AJ was a great guy, but he sure didn’t deserve what he got in the end.

Ok, so Jordan is working under cover. I guess that’s believable. Her goal is to find Julian’s boss and take him down. But what about Julian? Is he also working undercover? I wonder.

Speaking of Julian, I just don’t like him paired with Alexis. I was hoping he would move away from Alexis and maybe move toward Jordan. I suppose I’m just tired of Alexis and her constant poor choices in men. She’s beyond flawed. I mean really – Alexis is smart and educated, yet she keeps choosing criminals as partners.

Spinelli’s return was a bit disappointing. It was great to see both character and actor, but the return was much too short. I really thought Spinelli would come back to Port Charles for a visit. Yes, it made complete sense for Carly to take that phone to the Jackal. Nobody else can do what he does. But it wasn’t enough. So will we see more of Spinelli?

In actor news, fans are happy to hear that Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) has inked a new contract. Ilene Kristen will return as Ava’s mother Delia soon. And professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy (ex Anton) took home the mirror ball trophy on the season finale of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Chmerkovskiy was paired with Olympic skater Meryl Davis.