General Hospital Check Up - Week Of May 19, 2008

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Nikolas nurses Claudia back to health and Jerry plants another kiss on Alexis


Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, General Hospital)I have to be honest and say this week started off a little weak for me.  Let’s start with Monday.  Can someone please tell me why Nikolas mistook Claudia for Emily?  Aside from being skinny, they don’t even look alike.  Does poor Nikolas really need the kind of trouble Claudia can bring?  The cat is out of the bag on Michael’s shooting.  As time passes, how will Nikolas handle knowing Claudia’s secret? 

What can I say about Carly and Sonny having sex in the back of the car?   Come on – why would she do that?  She’s finally found a “normal” man and she does that?  Carly is the textbook example of her own worst enemy.  I understand Carly is grieving but there are better ways to handle grief.  Dare I ask if they used protection?  I hope we’re not in for another mob baby.  Please say it isn’t so.  I’m sorry but I see no chemistry between these two, sexual or otherwise. 

I have to give Carly props for taking responsibility for her past actions.  She wants to save her youngest child because she’s lost so much.  But I don’t see how a piece of paper will suddenly make Morgan “safe.”  According to Carly, it’s all about proximity.  I can’t argue with that.
Spinelli and Carly are an interesting team, aren’t they?  I like how Carly lets her guard down with Spinelli.  Poor Spinelli seems to get a headache when Carly rattles on.  I love how he calls her “the valkyrie.”
How long has it been since we’ve seen Jason and Liz together?  My Liason fanatic friends tell me it’s been well over a month.  I would have liked it better if their meeting was a little more realistic.  How convenient was it that Jason happened upon a stranded Liz in the rain?  Liz finding the spare key under the mat was a bit of a stretch for me.  I admit they have great couple chemistry and it sometimes sucks me in.   I can really feel the love, especially when they kiss.

Speaking of Liason, a friend of mine got an unexpected surprise recently after she sent a gift to Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst.  The gift was in support of the Liason pairing.  Shortly after the gift was sent, Steve and Rebecca called to personally thank my friend for her thoughtfulness.  Both actors were gracious and appreciative for the support.  You gotta love that story.

Back to poor Jason.  I think all that rain last week was a metaphor for him drowning in his own guilt.  Thank goodness for Robin’s words of wisdom.  I’m not at all amused by Robin’s video blog.  The only thing dumber is Patrick’s video blog.  Yes, Coleman made me laugh when he filmed the girls in the bar instead of filming Patrick.

Trevor lurking around watching Johnny and Lulu through the window had major ick factor.  I haven’t figured old Trevor out yet.  I’ll go out on a limb and say I think he really cares about Johnny.  I absolutely loved seeing Tracy and Trevor go head to head.  I think he growled at her!  They make an entertaining pair.  I wonder if they would work as a couple?  All that anger could make it interesting. 

Jax and Kate’s bonding is getting too close for comfort.  As Kate said, they’re both “outsiders,” so they understand each other.  So much for Jax the family man.  Stop kissing your business partner when your family is falling apart, Jax.  Just stop it.   FYI Jax, heading out of town and leaving your wife a note wasn’t your best idea.  Who is Jax visiting in Italy?  I’m wondering if her initials are BB.

Jerry seemed genuinely concerned about Carly.  He sentimentally told her not to give up hope on Jax.  He even offered to find Jax for Carly.  I was impressed.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for an accent.

I liked how Alexis set Luke free and assured everyone he wasn’t a flight risk.  Alexis wasn’t very convincing when she told Luke not to leave town.  She has such a soft spot for him.  I love that.

Tracy seemed genuinely touched when Luke asked her to run away with him.  I honestly believe those two love each other.  It’s a strange kind of love, but it’s definitely love. 

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.  You are so smooth and you had so much nerve going to the Zacchara house and asking about Claudia.  Then there was your visit with Alexis.  Where did you learn to kiss like that?  My friend, Renee, says Jerry kisses so well, “he should teach a class.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  It’s worth watching to see who he’s gonna kiss and how he’s gonna kiss her.  It’s amazing to me how each kiss surpasses the last.  The man sure knows how to affect a woman.  He knows just what to do so she completely loses her head.  In Alexis’ case, I’ll go out on a limb and say she’s just playing the game with Jerry.  I really believe she’s trying to beat Jerry at his own game.  Maybe I’m giving her too much credit.

Anthony Zacchara is the funniest psycho, isn’t he?  Check this out:

Anthony: This storm is going to beat the hell out of your mother's roses. That was a casual observation and not a mental relapse. Disappointed?

Johnny: I'm looking for Claudia.
Anthony: Did you check the local motel rooms?

Speaking of funny, for such a serious character, Nikolas does sarcastic really well.  Tyler Christopher is actually great at subtle, dry humor.  I love how Nik holds the cards where Claudia is concerned.  He seems to be enjoying his hold over Claudia too.  Lets not forget that Claudia knows about Nik’s connection with Ian.  Those two are such a mess.  They almost seemed to bond over their guilt about Michael.  With all the nice women in Port Charles, why does Nik have to bond with the princess of bad?

How did Claudia recover so fast?  One minute she was bleeding and delirious with fever and the next she was pain free and completely coherent.  Nikolas must be one heck of a wannabe doctor.   Jerry must have really missed his mark with that knife.  To be fair, he was about to slit Claudia’s throat before Alexis interrupted.  Better luck next time, Jerry.
Diane had me laughing as usual this week.  The thought of her in her designer clothes going fishing with Max – what a mental picture I have of that.  I bet she baits her own hook.  I hope we get to see it.
Lulu is either really brave or really stupid.  I admit I’m impressed by the way she stands up to Anthony Zacchara.  I’m finally seeing that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.
I’m glad we got to see Anna this week.  I loved her fears about getting old and becoming a grandmother.  I really loved it when she beat the heck out of the two men at Jake’s.  Coleman was impressed too.  I love Coleman.  We don’t see him enough.  Maybe that will change since he and Patrick seem to be bonding lately.
So Sonny’s leaving the mob?  Haven’t we been down this road before?  Jason and Carly certainly aren’t having any of Sonny’s new plan.  I think someone should tell Sonny his chosen career doesn’t offer an early retirement plan.