General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 12, 2014

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A familiar face rocks the Nurses Ball – but it’s not who you think

Ronn MossAs an actor, I know little about Ronn Moss. Yes, he made a name for himself playing Ridge Forrester on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ But I’ve never been into the show, so for me, that wasn’t a huge selling point. But Ronn Moss the musician really impressed me. He and his band, Player were really great – and that song – who doesn’t remember hearing it on the radio over and over. And didn’t you love how little Spencer was responsible for the performance? Of course – who else could pull that off? The answer is nobody – only that little spitfire Spencer Cassadine – my pint sized hero. The kid has class; I have to give it to him.

Check out the 1970 original music video for Player's "Baby Come Back."

Check out Player on General Hospital, Monday, May 12, 2014 playing "Baby Come Back."

Nathan clearly is the man for Maxie. And you can see the mutual attraction between them, even though they both seem a bit oblivious. Levi on the other hand senses the chemistry between Maxie and Nathan. So, what to do? Levi is nothing more than a user and a poser. That being said, Nathan needs to step up and claim his woman. I’m thinking Britt may be a big help here. She sees her newfound brother’s attraction. Perhaps Britt can push Nathan in the right direction. It helps that Britt and Nathan have really taken to each other – I would take a leap of faith and say they’ve bonded. I can totally buy them as brother and sister. And honestly, having Nathan as a brother makes Britt more likeable.

Speaking of Britt, I almost want Nickolas to forgive her. Britt really is taken with Prince Nik. And he’s certainly not over her. So come on Prince Nik – forgive Britt and move on already! As for Elizabeth – don’t hate me for saying this but I kind of like her better with Ric.

Scott and Lucy – where shall I begin? What a train wreck they are. Poor Kevin is the casualty of that insanity of a relationship. Kevin has been nothing but loving and trusting. Lucy on the other hand is nothing more than a deceitful cheater. Why can’t Lucy be happy with her ‘doc?’ I’m afraid there’s no recovery from this mess – at least for Lucy. Hopefully Kevin can and will move on. As for Scott and Lucy – they deserve each other.

In all my years of watching ‘General Hospital’ I never thought I would loath Luke Spencer. I don’t like this man he’s become. Or maybe this was Luke all along and he just hid it well? After all, this is the same guy who raped and cheated on Laura. Luke was never a great father and he was always involved in some type of unscrupulous activity. So I guess I shouldn’t be so disappointed. Honestly, I was sort of hoping Julian would shoot Luke when they had their confrontation Friday. And speaking of that moment, it was nice to see Julian stand up to Luke.

In actor news, watch for a brief return in the form of Bradford Anderson as ‘Spinelli.’ And speaking of Anderson, the actor welcomed his new daughter, Finola Leo Anderson on May 2. Michael Saucedo (Juan) will also make a brief return to the soap soon. Rick Springfield (Noah) received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently. Check out the actor’s new novel, ‘Magnificent Vibration,’ available now. Fans of Port Chuck (Steve Burton, Bradford Anderson, Scott Reeves, and Brandon Barash) can purchase a limited edition t-shirt here.