General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 12, 2008

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Claudia plays with fire and Luke and Alexis have me laughing out loud

Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)I've never been a big fan of Kate and Sonny.  Of the many things that bother me about this couple, one thing really stands out.  Why doesn't Kate call Sonny Michael?  We all know that Joe Scully gave Michael the name "Sonny" when he was a teen.  Kate left Sonny before he went to work for Joe so doesn't it seem logical that she would call him Michael?  I actually felt sorry for Kate this week when she told Sonny the truth about Ian.  She did what she did out of love and of course Sonny didn't understand.  You know you're in trouble with Sonny when his eyes get all dark and his voice gets that certain tone.  Like Mike said so eloquently, "either you follow Sonny's code, or you're out."  It seems Kate is "out," at least for now.

How is it Jerry runs into everyone in town except for Bobbie?  The man is all over the hospital, on the docks, at Kelly's and he never, ever sees her?  Speaking of Jerry, he's on fire lately.  James Craig is alive and well and I'm so happy!  Though I love Sebastian Roché as Jerry, I prefer him as his alter, James Craig.  He does smug and sarcastic better than anyone.  When Jerry got physical with Claudia and laid that kiss on her I loved every minute of it!  Poor Claudia had no idea that she was playing with fire, did she?  The look on Jerry's face when he plunged that blade into Claudia's stomach later in the week proved to me that James Craig is indeed back.  I guess since Jerry stabbed her and dumped her in the water, Claudia has a better idea who she's dealing with.  I loved how Jerry played innocent when Alexis showed up and started asking questions.  The man is truly a pathological liar. 

With all the sadness surrounding Michael, it was nice to get some comic relief in the form of Luke Spencer.  The Luke I've loved for almost 30 years has finally returned!  I've always found humor in his relationship with Alexis.  I love it that he calls her Natasha.  His conversation with Alexis on the docks (after the Jerry/Claudia kiss) was well worth repeating:

Alexis: All right, I'm just going to come out, and I'm going to ask you this. What is the allure of a woman who dresses like a streetwalker and vomits her sexuality on the lap of any man that she sees?

Luke: Well, basically I'd say that the allure is - this is really hard to beat - that she dresses like a streetwalker and vomits her sexuality on the lap of every man she meets.

Alexis: All right, ok, ok, ok. I would really like to know what is so fascinating about a woman who has the class and intelligence of a blow-up doll. Is it just the sex?

Luke: Which answer is going to get us back to why I'm here?

Alexis: Is it worth all of you making fools out of yourselves and risking stds?

Luke: Do you really want to know what I think?

Alexis: Yes.

Luke: I think it sounds like you caught your man with his hand in Claudia Zacchara's cookie jar.

Luke's facial expressions were as priceless as his words.  I'm still laughing at this line that came a little later in their conversation:

Luke: Why did you call me here?  Or did I just miss the part where we became girlfriends?

Can we talk, Alexis?  Please wake up and smell the coffee.  Jerry is a liar, a criminal, and an admitted killer.  Tell me you didn't buy it when he tried to back step his way out of kissing Claudia.  Jerry actually blamed the kiss on Claudia's sexuality and Alexis' refusal to admit her true feelings!   He's really not great stepfather or boyfriend material.  Don't waste time being jealous Alexis, just get over it already.

I'm not usually a big fan of Lulu and Johnny.  I have to admit she and Johnny going against Anthony reminded me a little of a young Luke and Laura.  I was impressed that Lulu told Johnny the truth about her conversation with Anthony.  Lulu has got it bad for this guy.  I actually find them almost sweet when they're not annoying me.  I love how devoted and protective Johnny is.  I may actually be getting on board this train soon if they keep it up.

Spinelli and his desire to have Jason's "chick magnet coolness" took the cake this week.  Spinelli confiding in Coleman was pretty funny too.  Coleman looked at Spinelli like he had two heads.  I loved it when Coleman showed Spinelli how to "knock back" a shot.  The visual of two total opposites like Patrick and Coleman giving Spinelli tips on picking up women was amusing.  I liked it when Coleman played "guardian angel" by calling in Jason for the rescue.  Poor, sweet Spinelli thinking the woman in the bar wanted a "loan."  When he learned she was a prostitute, Spinelli referred to her as "a fallen woman."  I love the way Jason looks at Spinelli as if he's speaking a foreign language.  Most of the time, he is.

I get where Jax is coming from with wanting Sonny's parental rights taken away.  Honestly though, I think Carly's parental rights should be questioned as well.  But, I have to give Carly props for agreeing with Jax about Sonny.  The man really shouldn't be around anyone's children, especially his own.  It's not that Sonny is a bad father; it's just that he's a dangerous man to have around. 

There was one thing I didn't get about Jax though.  Why did he attend an out of town party with his business partner when his stepson was being transported to a permanent care facility?   Wasn't his place at home, waiting to support his wife?  Did Jax even tell Carly he was leaving town?

Yes, Carly was guilty of making some bad decisions too.  For starters, she should have insisted Jax go with her to get Michael settled.  Kissing Sonny in the back of the car was probably not a good idea either.  I'm pretty sure I know where that's going.

So Claudia and Ric are bonding over their hatred of Sonny, among other things.  They seem to have the "black sheep" connection too.  I hope Ric doesn't work with Anthony to manipulate Claudia.  I think it all depends on what Ric will get out of it.  The "panic room" Ric is definitely back and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I'm so glad Alan is back.  Tracy comes to life when Alan's spirit pays her a visit.  I honestly enjoy Alan as a ghost more than I ever did as a real live human.
Just a few random questions to get all of you thinking before I go:

Does anyone else think it's dangerous for Kate to confide so much in Jax?  This can't be good.

Why, why, why did Claudia look like she had just been complimented when Sonny called her "a lying whore?" 

Why isn't Jerry spending more time with Jax during his time of need?  It can't be a guilty conscience because Jerry doesn't have one.

Is anyone else wondering where Scotty is?