General Hospital Check up Week of March 5, 2012

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Kate isn’t herself

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)It’s frightening how involvement with Sonny drove yet another woman over the mental health edge. First there was Brenda, then Carly, and now Kate. It’s rather interesting to see “Connie” come out – she’s actually very much the anti-Kate.

Speaking of Kate, I think Connie shot Anthony’s tires, causing the death of Cole and Hope. I know he’s the best at telling tales but I don’t think even Sonny is capable of causing the death of a child and not stepping up. Yes, as Dante said, Sonny can mask his guilt better than anyone. But I really believe this time, Sonny is innocent. That being said, who among us can tell when Sonny is telling the truth anymore?

Poor Robin. They gave her such a brutal death.  And watching Robert look at her burned body was just so sad. But props to Luke for using guilt to get Robert off that bridge. It really doesn’t matter who Ethan’s father is, the important thing was to give Robert something to live for. And it worked. But ill we see more of Robert Scorpio?

Michael is taking on so much guilt over Starr’s situation. Together, the two of them may be able to cope with their personal loss. As sad as this story is, it’s nice to finally see this sweet and caring side of Michael. He really is a good young man with so much potential.

It was funny, but not surprising listening to Alexis lecture Carly on her involvement with John. Alexis had a problem with Carly hitting Sonny where it hurts. She must have forgotten the time she hooked up with Jerry – the guy who almost killed much of the town, including Sam. Of all people, Alexis really shouldn’t lecture Carly on her choices in men.

In actor news, another favorite from the past is confirmed to return – Kristina Wagner will be back as Felicia soon. There’s been some speculation that Jack Wagner will return as Frisco. Until that news is confirmed, watch Wagner on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” beginning Monday March 19 on ABC.