General Hospital Check up Week of March 26, 2012

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Robin is alive!

Kim McCullough (Robin, GH)So it seems Robin is alive and being held captive at an undisclosed location. The question is why. And who’s responsible? This could easily be related to Franco since we’re not even certain he’s really dead.

Heather Webber is returning in the form of Robin Mattson. Is she involved with Franco? It’s all interesting timing. With speculation that Franco could be Jason’s brother (and Susan’s son), anything is possible. Let’s not forget that Susan and Heather were cousins. And re-naming Jake’s ‘The Floating Rib’ is interesting since Susan Moore used to work there as a hostess. Obviously this is all leading up to something – but what?   Are we to believe that Heather holds the key to the Franco/Jason connection?

John McBain has his hands full in PC. I wonder if he’ll eventually fall for one of the town’s lovely ladies. Or will Natalie eventually come to town in the form of Melissa Archer. It seems logical that Natalie will come to Port Charles. John is too devoted to his family to leave them behind for very long.

I just don’t understand what Carly sees in Johnny. Why would she choose him over Shawn? Both men have that ‘bad boy’ image and both are handsome and sexy. But come on – Shawn is clearly the better (and more logical) choice for Carly.

I hate to say it but Connie is much more interesting than Kate. She’s so colorful and tough – much like Olivia. Connie commands attention – and she doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. But in the end, which of these two women will survive? Either way, Kelly Sullivan really is doing a great job in the dual role.

In actor news, Robin Mattson returns this month in the role of crazy Heather Webber. Jack Wagner (ex Frisco) is safe to dance again this week. Watch him on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Monday night on ABC.