General Hospital Check up Week of March 20, 2012

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Jason learns the sad truth & Rick Springfield returns

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)Sam has no sense. Did she really think Jason would take her behavior lightly?  The woman is clueless. She completely expected Jason to be ok with being kept in the dark about Robin. Clearly he isn’t. Sam should know better than to try and manage Jason. He’s not the kind of man who likes being managed for his own ‘safety.’

That being said, it was nice to see some Liason interaction. Both Jason and Elizabeth loved Robin. I don’t believe Elizabeth would ever try to ‘manage’ Jason. She knows Jason better than any other woman, aside from Carly. Jason can pour his heart out to Elizabeth. In return, he’ll get support and understanding – not management.

Rick Springfield is back finally!! And not a moment too soon. Patrick is drowning in guilt. Anna didn’t help matters. Not that she was wrong. But it just wasn’t the right time to call Patrick on his goof up. Matt’s been very supportive but Noah is needed right now. By Patrick and by Anna.

Isn’t it odd that Sonny doesn’t notice Kate isn’t herself? Really – she’s literally a different person. One would think Sonny would be a little suspicious. Does he even pay attention to who Kate is?

That being said, John obviously has a conscience. Kate/Connie knows this. I think it would make for great drama if she would hook up with Anthony. Imagine it. Sonny would never get over that one.

John McBain is finally in town and not a moment too soon. It’s very exciting to think of what may happen next. And wasn’t it funny listening to Sam wonder how she knows John when she doesn’t. Remember the Port Charles days? And that stake thought the heart reference – very funny considering Michael Easton played a vampire on Port Charles.

In actor news, watch for Jack Wagner (ex Frisco) to hit the dance floor again on Monday night’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The popular dance reality show airs on ABC – check your local listings.