General Hospital Check Up Week of June 8, 2009

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Natalia Livingston (Rebecca, General Hospital)The truth comes out about Rebecca - almost.

I love Helena and am so glad she's back. Even more, I love that she's on to Ethan and Rebecca. Helena is so devious she makes me smile. And she's so witty too. Nobody can insult someone quite the way Helena can. I love her interactions with Luke. They have such a weird, almost uncomfortable chemistry. Helena can read Luke like a book. She figured out Luke's connection to Ethan even before he did. Poor Luke has suddenly become Helena's victim. Things could turn ugly.

I think Rebecca will cut her ties with Ethan soon. It seems like she's really growing fond of the Q's. If you think about it, the Q's would have adopted both Emily and Rebecca when Page died. So in reality, Rebecca would have been a Q. Since learning she's Emily's twin, Monica and Jason have offered their hand to Rebecca, much to her surprise. I think Rebecca will fall in love with Nikolas. I mean really fall in love with him. How could she not? He's handsome, charming, well mannered, and wealthy. I can't blame her after all. I'm glad Nikolas is still a little skeptical of Rebecca. But I think in the end, Nik will learn the truth and forgive Rebecca. I think everyone will forgive Rebecca. Even Liz, eventually.

Once again Drew Garrett is doing such an amazing job. He's really reinvented Michael. The angry outbursts are so full of emotion. I mean I can't take my eyes off the kid. It was nice to see Jason step in when Michael went off on poor Liz. Poor Michael - I think he's way more screwed up than anyone realizes. Jason seems to understand better than anyone what Michael is going through. But even Jason doesn't completely get it. Jason does have an obvious love and connection to Michael. Jason is sort of playing older brother to Michael since he woke up. I can't think of anyone else who could hit Jason and get away with it. Well maybe Spinelli, but that's about it.

It's sort of fitting that Alexis has a daughter with a dark side. I mean Alexis goes on and on about her perfect daughter. Yet, we see how Kristina clearly has some issues. Alexis has no clue who Kristina really is. I wish they would wise Alexis up one of these days. What really bugs me is Kristina obviously cares about Michael. And she's a smart girl. Why would she bring her brother a joint, given his health? I mean come on. I think Kristina and Michael will stir up some major trouble in town in the coming weeks.

I'm not loving the story about the mayor and his mistress. I'm really not invested in the mayor of Port Charles for some reason. I think it's because there are so many forgotten characters like Bobbie and Mac still on the canvas. Why would I be interested in what goes on in the life of a mayor I know nothing about? I would much rather see Bobbie, Mac, even Mike have a story. Don't misunderstand. I love John Bolger - I've loved him since his days on One Life To Live. I'm just not that interested in the mayor and his extramarital affair.

Sonny is clearly on the fence with Claudia. He seems happy that Michael and Claudia like each other. I'm not sure if Sonny wants to be the father of Claudia's baby or if he doesn't. I do think Claudia surprised Sonny by talking to the baby. I'd still like to see Sonny and Claudia succeed as a couple. Even though they're so dysfunctional, Claudia and Sonny are definitely lead couple material. Maybe they'll actually fall in love. That wouldn't be so awful, would it?