General Hospital Check Up Week of June 4, 2012

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Murder, mayhem, and chaos - just another week in Port Charles

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)There are so many interesting possible pairings in Port Charles now: Heather and Todd, Carly and Todd, Sam and John, Luke and Anna. And the list could go on.

Speaking of couples – are Mac and Felicia on their way back to becoming one?

Does anyone else think Sam should have stayed put at the hotel? Why would she walk in a storm with a newborn child?? Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Sam left her baby outside and passed out. Of course she just happened to be at the same spot Heather stopped at to get rid of Anthony’s body. And Todd just happened by with Tea’s dead baby boy.

Sam is sure her baby is still alive. It makes sense since not all babies look the same. Sam should know what her child looked like. So why can’t the hospital run a DNA test on the dead baby? That would rule out Sam being the child’s mom, right?

Who else thinks Olivia’s days are numbered? Olivia is on her way to figure out the truth about Heather. So, that can’t be good for Olivia’s future or her lifespan. Could this be a way for Olivia to exit – at the hands of Heather?

Speaking of Heather, she certainly has her hands in things. Taking Anthony’s body away to protect Luke was one thing. But now she’s threatening Todd? The woman is not only crazy, she’s fearless.

I hate to say it but Jason is responsible for all that happened with Sam and her baby. Had Jason not called his people out to beat up on John, Sam would have made her way to the hospital. Why? Because John would have taken Sam to GH. He would have come back for Sam and the baby.

Speaking of Sam and Jason – Heather has proof that Jason (not Franco) is the baby’s father! Like I said, Heather has her hands in everything – and it’s getting more interesting every day.