General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 30, 2008

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Anna sides with Patrick and Logan unleashes his rage on Maxie


Jason Thompson (Patrick, General Hospital)Alexis wasn’t kidding about “unleashing” James Craig, was she?  The whole Jerry holding a gun on Johnny thing brought back Metro Court flashbacks.  For the first time in months, I was glued to my set.  “There’s no deal.  There’s my way or death,” Jerry said confidently. Welcome back Mr. Craig!  It must be his guilt from Michael’s shooting guiding Jerry.  All of a sudden this man has a soft spot for kids that I’m just not understanding or buying into.  He certainly has a way with words though.  “If any harm comes to Alexis Davis and her daughter, I’ll hunt you and your sister down and blow your bloody heads off.  Preferably in front of each other”  Jerry Monday  I think it’s safe to say that Jerry is holding all the cards with Claudia and Johnny.  Jerry sure knows how to use people to his advantage.  First, he used Emily as his “get out of jail free” card.  Now, Johnny and Claudia are Jerry’s lifeline.  I like the Johnny vs. Jerry dynamic.  Johnny is sort of a younger version of James Craig.  Jerry doesn’t intimidate Johnny.  Jerry doesn’t scare Johnny.  Never underestimate Jerry – that mistake could have dire consequences.  Lets review - people dumb enough to underestimate Jerry end up shot, poisoned, stabbed, or dead.

I can’t even believe Alexis had the nerve to bad mouth Sonny to Kate.  She told Kate not to marry Sonny because he’s a “criminal.”  What does that make Jerry?  Alexis went on to say that Sonny has to own up to his past crimes.  Does Alexis even listen to her own words?  She’s become absolutely ridiculous with the hypocrisy lately.

Does Ric actually believe that Alexis’ kids are safe?  Did he forget that he fathered one of those kids?  Why is he not more concerned about their safety?  Ric called Jerry, “a card carrying psycho.”  Sometimes I forget how funny Ric is.  He’s also one of the biggest hypocrites in town.  So, if anyone has a handle on the prerequisites of “a card carrying psycho,” it’s Ric.  Jerry is dark, deeply disturbed, and dangerous.  Ric is too. 

Finally, someone is on Patrick’s side.  Anna and Liz both brought up good points in favor of "Drake junior."  Listening to Patrick’s “father issues” made Anna think about her own mistakes as a parent.  Liz told Robin to appreciate the fact that Patrick loves her.  Hopefully, Patrick’s daddy issues are paving the way for Noah’s return.  All this “baby daddy” drama is bringing back some great Scorpio/Devane history too.   Even though it seemed to scare Patrick, Anna’s “terminate with extreme prejudice” threat was a little funny.  I think it was the look on Patrick’s face that made me laugh.

I’m still not crazy impressed with Dr. Matt Hunter, aka “Dr Doom.”  It looks like Nikolas agrees with me.  Why is Maxie trying to make him jealous?  Why is she attracted to this guy?  Why?  The whole charade got poor Spinelli all flustered.  Now the new doctor is trying to figure out what gives Spinelli his uniqueness and his lack of social skills.  Again, I’ll ask why?

Finally, Carly took the home pregnancy test.  Poor Jason – not only did he get stuck in the middle of Carly’s mess, he had to read the test strip!  One note – Jason read the test from a safe distance and he didn’t touch it!  Why Carly didn’t take “the damn test” before she opened her mouth I still don’t know.  Oh well, on to the next Carly crisis.

So Carly uncovered the secret kiss between Jax and Kate!  I’m sure Carly won’t take that one lying down.  Look out Kate – the wrath of Carly has been unleashed.

Speaking of that, Sonny has become such a liability for Carly.  It seems like he’s heading for another breakdown.  He’s been getting that look in his eyes lately.   Max thinks Sonny still loves Carly but I’m not so sure.  I don’t believe he ever liked her let alone loved her. 

The Skate wedding has brought up some Brenda references recently.  Who doesn’t remember when Sonny left Brenda at the alter?  I can still see her standing there.  Sonny sat in the limo, in the rain, knowing he broke her heart. 

I really don’t like what’s happening with Logan.  Why would he (or any man) beg Lulu for her love and affection?  He’s suddenly become a lethal combination of desperate and scary stalker guy.  Logan was truly scary when he attacked Maxie.  I'm not sure how far he would have gone if Lulu hadn’t witnessed the attack.  On the up side, it was great to see Logan do more than push a wheelchair.

Is there a new Zacchara secret about to be revealed?  Anthony kept insulting Claudia and her answer was “I was 16 years old, you were the adult.”  What could they have been talking about?  I’m thinking maybe Claudia got pregnant as a teen and that’s why Anthony sent her away.  Pair that with Johnny yelling about how Lulu doesn’t “understand” Claudia’s actions.  I think what we have here is a family secret just begging to be spilled.