General Hospital Check Up Week of June 3, 2013

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They say everyone has a double but this is ridiculous

Roger Howarth (Franco, GH)As a huge fan and lover of John McBain, it pains me to see Michael Easton playing a different role. John was wonderful in Port Charles. He had romance potential with Sam. And he was cute, funny, and charming. John McBain will be missed – that’s for sure.

I’m not sold on Dr. Clay – Michael Easton’s current character. He’s smug and kind of rude. The man never smiles and he seems very unhappy. I hope things change as time goes on.

So speaking of new roles – the man formerly known as Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) is now playing James ‘Franco’ Frank? What? This one bothers me more than the Michael Easton character. Franco was previously played by actor James Franco. These two actors look and act completely different. It is as if this is a different character – it’s not the same Franco we all know. Howarth’s Franco is much more sarcastic and almost harmless. The original Franco was frightening.

Doesn’t anyone notice that Franco now looks like Todd? Honestly, the lighter hair doesn’t change a thing.

I get it though. I’m thinking Sam’s darling baby (Danny) will need Franco in order to survive his illness. Since Franco is Jason’s twin, it makes sense. But, I miss Todd – Port Charles needs Todd badly. I don’t think I will ever change my mind on that one.

Ok, last one – Morgan’s new girl (Kiki) looks like Starr with darker hair. Nobody seems to notice that either. And isn’t she Michael’s cousin? So why is there some sexual tension between Michael and Kiki? And how long before the truth comes out about Kiki – that she’s a Quartermaine?

In actor news, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) is now on recurring status. The actor confirmed the news via Twitter. Former ‘GH’ actress Rena Sofer (ex Lois) joins the cast of ‘Bold and Beautiful.’ Watch for Sofer to air on July 12.