General Hospital Check Up Week of June 27, 2011

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Nikolas leaves town

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH)It was heartbreaking to watch Nikolas’ pain.  Tyler Christopher has come such a long way during his time as Nikolas.  It’s a shame he’s leaving.  Those were real tears when Tyler hugged Becky (Herbst, Elizabeth). 

The final countdown between Nikolas and Lucky was really intense.  On a good note, the brothers parted friends.  They came to terms with the past, which was nice to see.  I loved to watch Lucky

‘release’ Nikolas from his guilt over Elizabeth.  We saw some of the most beautiful work from both Tyler Christopher and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky).  I love how they ended things on a positive note and with so much real emotion.

Lulu isn’t nearly as sharp as she needs to be to survive.  The girl has a boyfriend and three brothers yet she chose to go after Luke alone.  Not her smartest move.  At least Dante was smart enough to go looking for Lulu.

Speaking of women who need to be clued in, Carly is her own worst enemy.  She over reacts to everything.  Carly is impulsive and she continues to expose her kids to dangerous situations.  Jax is right.  Carly isn’t a good mother – not even close.

Sonny doesn’t seem to understand that loving her kids doesn’t make Carly ‘a good mother.’  Look at her record.  Carly’s kids are damaged.  Even Morgan has been exposed to violence thanks to Carly.

It’s almost comical the way Michael is so bored at ELQ.  Abbey is just the opposite – she seems very comfortable in the corporate world.

Why is Helena trying so hard to make Lucky think Aiden is a Cassadine?  It must be the joy of playing the mind game with him.  Helena loves to be the instigator.  She loves to instill doubt into Lucky.  And I think this time she was successful – Lucky has a bit of doubt.  But a simple test should clear things up. Time will tell what's really up Helena's sleeve.