General Hospital Check Up Week of June 25, 2012

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Romance is in the air, but not without complications

Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)Unfortunately for Anna, her romance with Luke is over before it began. All we can hope is that Luke will somehow find an escape from Heather. I almost feel sorry for Heather. Yes, she needs help, but she really believes that Luke is her man. I think Heather really loves Luke. Yes, Heather needs a reality check. But, it’s rough loving a man who doesn’t love you back. And it doesn’t matter if you’re sane or not.

As for Tracy – she needs to find a man worthy of her. Luke isn’t the one. Wouldn’t we love to see Tracy happy and in love with a nice man? Maybe someone new and undiscovered in Port Charles.

Are there sparks between Patrick and Maxie? Stranger things have happened. Right now, those two sure need a diversion. Maxie lost Matt and Patrick lost Robin. And with Elizabeth busy with the doc, why not? Maybe Patrick’s impending drug habit will bring them together.

Is Elizabeth over Jason? I wonder. They could easily pick up where they left off. There’s still some obvious chemistry and attraction between Jason and Elizabeth. Steve sees it. So does Ewen. Even Sam is jealous of their past relationship. And Jason is a bit frantic – it would be so easy for Elizabeth to sweep him off his feet, as it were.

Johnny has become the new, younger Sonny. He lies like it’s nothing – all in the name of his own protection. And if John cared even a little bit about Kate, he wouldn’t have gone through with Connie’s plan. I just don’t understand what Carly sees in Johnny. Unless he reminds her of Sonny?

Even though she’s come home from college a bit of a mess, Kristina is right about her mom. Alexis IS worse than Sonny. At least Sonny doesn’t apologize for who and what he is. Alexis pretends to be so ‘on the level’ and she’s not. Alexis is a brilliant attorney but as a woman and a mother, she’s a bit of a mess too.

In actor news, watch for the possible return of Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones.  According to Soap Opera Digest, the actress is 'in talks' with 'General Hospital.'  Nothing is official as of yet.