General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 23, 2008

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Scott Returns and Carly is pregnant, or is she?


Laura Wright (Carly, General hospital)Alexis was a little over the top this week.  What was she trying to prove with that announcement to the entire squad room?  Especially after she got mad at Jerry for pretty much the same thing.  Jerry was clearly amused by the whole thing.  He loved having an audience to perform for.  Jerry has always been so great with the dramatics. He became James Craig again when he told Alexis, “I don’t follow orders, I do as I please.”  Honestly, I don’t think Alexis has a clue what he’s capable of.  Did she believe Jerry’s lie about having no interest in Claudia?  Jerry claimed to kiss Claudia to make Alexis jealous.  Here’s the problem with that – Jerry moved in for that kiss way before he even saw Alexis on the pier.  I’m still not sure which weighs higher with Alexis.  Is it her need to protect her kids or her attraction to Jerry?  Alexis is giving Jerry what he wants so he’ll see that her kids are safe.  So, Alexis is basically prostituting herself and Jerry is paying her back by protecting her kids.  What was it that Alexis said when Jerry said he “missed” her?  Something like “I just left you a few minutes ago?”  So now she’s spending the night in Jerry’s hotel room and leaving her kids with the nanny?  Or is Jerry staying at the house with Alexis and the kids?  The bad decisions never end with Alexis, do they?  On the up side, Alexis finally called herself a “hypocrite” on Friday.  Then, Alexis told Nik she “just unleashed Mr. Craig,” which says she knows what Jerry is capable of.

Diane and Alexis have a funny dynamic.  They have great chemistry.  The two of them are such opposites.  Diane is confident and secure while Alexis is hypocritical and insecure.  I love Diane’s intelligence and honesty.  She makes me laugh when she does things that are out of the ordinary.  Like the way she wore rubber gloves and a mask and disinfected Jason’s penthouse.   She’s very intuitive too.  Finally, someone realized that perfect Alexis might have feelings for Jerry. 

Maxie looked fabulous this week as usual.  She really worked it in that bikini.  I loved her confidence when she said this to Lulu at the pool: “I came by to give Johnny an eyeful of what he’s missing and if that makes you insecure, it should.”  Maxie’s not as dumb as people think either.  I love the way she psychoanalyzed Johnny’s “good side” versus his “bad side.”

Speaking of Maxie, there’s a new young doctor in town and she literally ran right into him.  Dr. Matt Hunter wasn’t very friendly to our Maxie but I get the feeling that will change before too long.

Kate is seriously delusional.  She thinks she’ll have a “normal” life with Sonny?  She talks about being “practical,” then suggests they “live in one” house and “entertain in” the other, like her friends in London? 

Claudia was way too enthused about the sponge bath.  I think Jason was a little afraid of her.  She was very sweet with Spinelli, kissing his cheek and sending him upstairs.  At first I was skeptical but by the end of the week, I believed that Claudia genuinely liked Spinelli.

There’s so much more to Spinelli and we need to see it.  He needs a realistic love interest.  This is a cute, smart, funny guy.  Women should be lining up to date him.

I was wrong about one thing though.  Delirious Spinelli is way funnier than drunken Spinelli.  Delirious Spinelli was very Shakespearean and poetic.  I was afraid he might spill something to Claudia that he shouldn’t have though.  Delirious Spinelli also had some interesting insight about Jason’s relationship (or lack of) with Sonny.  Claudia totally gets it that Sonny and Jason will eventually go head to head like Spinelli predicted.  In the end, Sonny will be “punished” for causing Michael’s injury.

What’s with Logan?  He was a little scary and intense on Monday.  We’ve gone from never seeing him to seeing him act like a borderline stalker.  He seems genuinely concerned about Lulu’s safety but he was very intense.  Logan needs to move on.  Lulu really isn’t worth his time or his concern.

Scotty is back!!  Sorry, I should say Scott but I won’t.  Logan needs someone on his side and Scotty fits the bill.  Scotty and Logan working together to bring Johnny down was underhanded but it didn’t offend me.  I’ve missed Kin Shriner but his time off did him good.  He looks fabulous.

Anthony makes everything comical.  Even the way he told Claudia to kill Jason, the “weak little kitty cat,” was funny. 

Robin needs to stop being so hesitant and give Patrick a fair chance.  Patrick is handsome, smart, dedicated, and employed.  What else does Robin want in a man?  It was sneaky of Robin to set Patrick up that way with Jake.  But, how cute was Patrick holding that baby?  Poor Patrick was exhausted after one diaper change.  Patrick figured out that he was duped which is good.  He’s not as dumb as he looks.  If Robin keeps pushing, I fear there may be another Leyla situation.  Not with Leyla, necessarily, but with someone.  She needs to stop pushing the man away.  Pretty soon, he won’t come back.

Here we go again.  Carly’s feeling nauseous.   Carly mentioned she’s not on any kind of birth control.  The big question was whether she and Sonny used any kind of protection in the limo.  Carly’s hesitation about getting a pregnancy test told me they didn’t.  Obviously she’s afraid.  Let me rephrase – Carly thinks she’s pregnant.  Carly’s claim that Jason is the baby’s father made no sense.  Why wouldn’t she just tell Sonny the baby is Jax’s?  Is it so unusual to believe the baby belongs to her husband?  I wonder why Carly didn’t just stay quiet and take a home pregnancy test.  If she had, the test may have been negative and nobody would be the wiser.  Jax wouldn’t have told Kate.   Sonny would have known nothing.  Now, Sonny is using the possible pregnancy against Carly.  It looks like he’s planning on telling Jax the truth.  It’s quite possible Carly’s marriage could end once Jax finds out what happened.  All of that may have been avoided had Carly stayed quiet and taken a home pregnancy test.  Even though Carly may not be “in trouble,” it looks like she’s definitely in trouble.