General Hospital Check Up Week of June 22, 2009

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Rick Hearst (Ric, General Hospital)Ric Lansing heads out of town but Rick Hearst heads back to The Bold & The Beautiful

Dominic and Morgan had some of the funniest chemistry I've seen in a long time. Morgan not only bit Dominic, he told Carly that Dominic was stupid. Poor Dominic couldn't find his way out of the woods without Morgan's technology skills. Even Michael and Dominic were great together. And how funny was it when Dominic told Claudia that Carly was

"hot" and wondered if she was available?

They seem to be writing Dominic a lot like Jerry. He's funny, sarcastic, and appealing, but with a slight psychotic edge. Soap Opera Digest says Dominic is Dante. I couldn't be happier. He already has chemistry with Kristina, Michael, and especially Morgan. I have to wonder if Claudia knows who Dominic really is. Does she know he's Olivia's son? If she did, wouldn't she somehow hold it over Olivia's head? I think she would.

Oh the mayor! It's finally getting interesting. Alexis had an affair with him? It must have happened when she found out about the cancer. Before Alexis told Ric she was sick I remember her confiding in the mayor. I remember them being close back then. Maybe Alexis headed to the mayor after seeing Ric and Sam together.

Finally Liason fans had their wish granted - sort of. On Friday, there was some interaction between Jason and Jake. Jason came upon Jake and Cam playing outside Kelly's and he got down on the ground for a second and joined them. Then he had a brief chat with Lucky and Liz. Later Liz apologized to Lucky for cheating on him with Jason - that "cheat" she was talking about resulted in Jake. I thought it was a slap in the face to Liason and the fans - kind of a bitter pill to swallow.   Also, did everyone forget Lucky cheated first? Lucky goes on and on about what a cad Luke is for cheating on Laura. Yet Lucky was addicted to pills and he cheated on Liz.

I wish GH would take a hint from Y & R. They finally put Nick and Sharon back together. I didn't think that would ever happen, especially after Nick cheated on Sharon with Phyllis. Anyway if Y & R is putting back a beloved super couple what the heck is wrong with GH???

I'll give them props for bringing Jerry back briefly next month. According to Sarah Brown's Face Book page, Sebastian is already filming. Sebastian said in a recent "tweet" that he's "back on GH for a month." I hope they give him more than they did last time around. I get a little nervous every time I hear Sebastian Roche is coming back. I wonder if they'll kill Jerry or send him to prison this time around? I hope neither happens but some closure would be nice for his character. I hope Jerry interacts with Dominic. The two of them seem to be cut from the same cloth.

GH Fan Club Weekend is fast approaching. I've read some people are balking because certain actors aren't coming to the main event luncheon. Two names I heard were Rick Hearst and Sarah Brown. It bothers me to read such things about Rick and Sarah. Rick Hearst allegedly isn't going to the luncheon because he now works for CBS as "Whip" on B & B. That reasoning makes perfect sense to me. I think it's very generous of Rick to still hold his event for the GH fans. I've heard Rick is one of the nicest actors, always making time to talk to every fan, no matter how long it takes him. Also, I'm sure Rick would welcome and encourage his GH fans to attend any B & B fan events in the future. I'll miss Rick Hearst on GH but I'll definitely be anxious to see what he's up to on B & B.

Sara Brown has a free event for her fans. Last year her event was free as well. Nobody does that. She also interacts on Face Book daily with her fans. Sarah is very hands on and appreciative of her fans. I think people should consider that before they get all up in arms that she supposedly isn't attending the main event in July.

Speaking of Rick Hearst, Ric Lansing is gone - he went to California. He never said why he was leaving town. Why would he leave his daughter? Did he even say goodbye to her? I don't think we even saw Ric interact with the aged version of Molly. Why would he leave the situation with Claudia? It doesn't make any sense. The man once had full custody of his child and now he leaves town without seeing her? And what was Ric's connection to the mayor's scandal?

I'm sad for GH/Ric fans but I bet B & B fans are very happy to have Rick Hearst back. Lots of luck Rick, we'll miss you.