General Hospital Check Up Week of June 20, 2011

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Lucky fights his way back

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH)I know he’s an addict but I’m disappointed in Lucky for even considering the wrong choice – the choice of turning to alcohol.  Don’t take a drink, take a meeting.  Clearly Lucky is hurting.  Between setting the house fire to the loss of Jake – Lucky is really burdened.  Causing Siobhan’s accident certainly didn’t help his mental state. 

Lucky is so much like Luke – more than even he understands.  Props to Elizabeth for

saving Lucky from himself just at the right moment.  It makes me wonder if Laura could have saved Luke from himself.

Liz is right – Lucky is stronger than Luke – by a huge margin too.  Learning that he has a son who needs him was enough for Lucky.  He’s a good man.  Luke doesn’t have near the love, respect, or regard for his kids.

Lucky is taking the news about Aiden very well considering Elizabeth and Siobhan hid the truth from him.  Nikolas on the other hand isn’t doing as well.  I’m not sure I like this side of Nikolas especially since Tyler Christopher is on his way out.  I hate the thought of Nikolas exiting on a bad note.

As twisted as Lisa is, her hostage caper is not even close to Jerry’s Metro Court crisis.  There were elements of greatness in Lisa’s devious plan but it really fell kind of flat.  I’ll miss Brianna Brown as Lisa – she was incredible.

Sonny needs to ease up on Kristian as far as Ethan goes.  Ethan is harmless.  And Brenda is right – Sonny is way more inappropriate ‘boyfriend material’ than Ethan could ever be.  Ethan has potential to become a normal, responsible member of society.  Sonny doesn’t.  How is Sonny’s occupation better than Ethan’s?  Alexis gets it too.  Sonny acts like he’s better than Ethan.  And that’s far from the truth.

Jax really put Brenda in a bad position asking her to testify that Sonny is a danger to Carly’s child.  Doesn’t he realize Brenda loves Sonny?  Again, this is all leading to the demise of Sonny and Brenda, given that Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) is leaving very soon.  With Ingo Rademacher (Jax) heading out as well, I can’t help but hope the characters leave together, as a couple.