General Hospital Check Up - Week of June 2, 2014

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A surprise guest interrupts Danny’s birthday party

Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH)It seems to me that Nina Clay has an agenda. I don’t buy her innocent act one bit. I think Nina knows good and well who Sam is and what she means to Silas. I’m sure Nina’s mom filled her in and then some. If you ask me, Nina came back for some sort of revenge on Silas as well as Sam. She just strikes me as a bit like Heather. I have this feeling Nina will go after Sam first, and soon. She sees Sam as a threat. Think about it – Sam is standing in the way of Nina’s reconciliation with Sylas.

I could be letting my imagination run away with me, but there’s just something about this woman that I don’t trust. Words like "weak" and "fragile" keep being tossed around about Nina and I don’t buy it. I think Nina is smart and calculating – like her mother.   Wait and see. I’m not even buying that Nina can’t walk. And what about Nina’s mental state? Do we even know if she’s sane?

Julian is such a great liar. He looked Alexis right in the eye and insisted that Ric is the brains behind the organization. I really was starting to believe Julian was becoming a better man. Now I’m not so sure. How can Julian sleep at night with this on his conscience? How can he be in a relationship with Alexis and hide such a huge secret?

It’s almost as if Julian has suddenly become this wonderful man who also happens to be a former criminal. Julian has gone from a mobster to a concerned parent. But, let’s not forget where Julian came from. It’s not so easy to forgive or forget his past. Although it seems like Sam and Alexis have pretty much forgotten a whole lot where Julian is concerned.

I have a love, hate thing with Ava. I guess I just love to hate her. In a way, Ava reminds me of Carly all those years ago. Remember how much Sonny hated Carly way back when? And look where they ended up. Could the same thing happen with Ava? Imagine if Ava and Sonny end up turning all that hate between them into love. I could see that happening. It’s sort of a pattern with Sonny.

In actor news, Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and her husband welcomed their first child – a girl – on May 29. And Sebastian Roche (Jerry) married girlfriend, Alicia Hannah, on June 1 in France.