General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 2, 2008

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Tracy returns and Spinelli makes his move on Maxie


Kirsten Storms (Maxi, General Hospital)Why, why, why does Sonny keep asking Kate to share his life?  She keeps turning him down.  Sonny has forgiven Kate time and again.  He never was so forgiving with Carly or Brenda.  I wish Sonny would have some respect for himself and move on.

I don’t know who scared me more during the fire, Anthony or Jason.  I honestly think Anthony’s psychotic rant scared Jason a little too. 

Poor Spinelli had a rough week.  I felt so bad when he caught Maxie kissing Johnny.  Then when he finally scored some points with a pretty woman at Jake’s, she had a girlfriend.  Spinelli’s reaction when he and Maxie walked in on Kate and Sonny gave me some great comic relief.  So did Spinelli at the shooting range.  I had to laugh at Jason’s reaction when Spinelli explained his unfortunate experience with the gun.  Jason asked, “Did the police file charges?”  Funny Jason.  Sorry I said you lost your sense of humor last week.

Jason was on a roll last week.  He made me laugh again when he asked Diane to help advise Spinelli:

Jason:  Can you help him with his problems right now please?

Diane: I’m really not the best person to help Mr. Grasshopper.

Jason: It’s really billable.

Diane: Well, I’ll do my best.

Spinelli and Diane were actually really entertaining together.  She advised him to “take the initiative” with Maxie and boy, did he ever.

Spinelli and Patrick are an odd couple, aren’t they?  They make it possible for me to see Coleman so who am I to judge?

One person who didn’t amuse me with Spinelli was Sonny.  I hated the way Sonny insulted and belittled Spinelli.  Sonny is so abusive and I really hate that part of him.  Why Jason didn’t stand up for Spinelli, I don’t know.  He just stood there and listened as Sonny made his supposed friend feel like a total loser. 

I think Claudia enjoyed checking out Nik’s ribs just a little too much.  I don’t buy the Claudia the candy striper routine.  Candy stripper yes, but striper, no way.  As far as the first kiss, I’m undecided.  I do think these two have potential.  I like seeing Nikolas with a woman who is less than sane.  It kind of brings his dark side to the surface.  Lets not forget he is a Cassadine after all.  According to Claudia, she’s “the dark side.”  I guess they’re a better match then I thought.

Not the best time for Lulu the peace messenger to put the “truce” on Carly’s shoulders. As if Carly can tell Jason what to do, especially when it comes to business.  Jason rarely takes Carly seriously so I doubt he’ll play nice with Anthony Z just because she asks him to.  Lulu needs to shut her mouth and stop getting involved in mob business.  A few weeks ago Sonny called her “a little girl” who needed to go home.  I think it’s time for that to happen.  It pains me to agree with Jax buthe’s right to advise Carly to “stay out of it.”  We all know that she won’t because she can’t help herself. 

I’m wondering why Carly doesn’t throw Jerry in Jax’s face.  Jax takes every opportunity to throw Jason in hers.  Isn’t Jerry dangerous too?  Why is it ok for Jerry to be around Morgan but it’s not ok for Jason to be?  Jerry is way more unpredictable and crazy than Jason.  Here’s the best example of Jax’s hypocrisy.  Jerry’s been living at the Metro Court for well over a year but Jax doesn’t want Anthony Zacchara to live there.  What?

Speaking of Jerry, it’s about time someone set Jax straight.  I love how Jerry pointed out how Jax has given up on five marriages.  “Perhaps none of your marriages have worked because you give up too easy.” Jerry suggested.  Sidebar comment: Jerry admitted that all of his own “relationships seem to end up in the morgue instead of divorce court.”  That comment made me laugh out loud.  Anyway, Jax needs to grow up and stop being such a selfish little boy.  His jealousy of Jason is really getting old.

We finally saw Bobbie this week.  She actually had some good advice for Carly.  They even brought Tony and B.J. into the conversation.  I love it when they bring old history into the show.  As they were talking, I remembered the first time we saw Carly all those years ago.  The day she hit town with the suitcase in her hand.  It was kind of strange because I remembered her looking like Sarah Brown, not Laura Wright.

What the heck is up with Ric?  Why is he suddenly concerned for his brother’s safety or lack of? 
Tracy is back and things are finally getting good again!  “I’m sorry but we’re not running a shelter for homeless gangsters,” Tracy hissed when she found Lulu in bed with Johnny.  I loved seeing Edward and Alan too.  Can we talk about Alice for a minute?  I love the way she puts Tracy in her place.  I also love her devotion to “Mr. Luke.”

Just when I think Scrubs are taking two steps forward, they regress again.  Enough already with the blogs.  I don’t know what to think about Patrick asking Spinelli to respond negatively to Robin’s blog.  Why are we being subjected to this storyline?  It’s a means to an end for me because it gives me more of Coleman.

Alexis the hypocrite is at it again.  She’s back on Sonny’s case about how wrong he is.  Never mind who she’s been keepin company with lately.

Alexis isn’t the only hypocrite in town.  Let’s talk Lulu.  It’s ok for her to be with Johnny but it’s not ok for Nik to be with Claudia?  What’s the difference?  I loved what Claudia said to Carly about Lulu, “Sooner or later, someone is gonna give her what she deserves.”  You read my mind, Claudia.

The award for hypocrite of the week goes to ……  Jasper Jacks.  He’s been all over the place lately.  One minute he’s off to visit the former love of his life and the next he wants to have a child with Carly.  I can’t keep up with this guy.  What was that nonsense he spewed to Carly about the lobby being blown up and hostages being taken?  He used that argument to keep Anthony from staying at the hotel.  Jax, have you forgotten who was responsible for the hostage crisis you were referring to?   Yes, it was your big brother, Jerry.  Remember??