General Hospital Check Up Week of June 18, 2012

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Is Luke in love?

Tony Geary (Luke, GH)Does Luke have genuine feelings for Anna or is he up to something? I find it hard to believe that Luke’s supposed feelings for Anna are real. Why now? I would be more likely to buy a romance between Mac and Anna. Then, Luke could revisit his feelings for Felicia. And starting a relationship with a huge lie between him and Anna isn’t the best idea Luke has ever had. Anna still thinks Ethan is Robert’s son. That’s pretty big. If he manages to free himself from Heather, Luke needs to tell Anna the truth.

When you think of it, Connie and Sonny had a major life changing moment because of her rape. All her plans changed in that instant. Who knows what would have become of either of them. Sonny may have lived a ‘normal’ life with Connie had she not have been attacked. We’re all so curious what became of Connie’s baby.

Something tells me Connie’s baby not only survived, but he’s on route to Port Charles. Or is he already in town? Perhaps it’s Kristina’s new friend Trey. Or maybe it’s Spinelli for all we know. We’ve been in the dark about Spinelli’s background for years. He could easily be Connie’s child. Spinelli’s about the right age. And what a bright side Spinelli would be in an otherwise sad circumstance. Spinelli could one day be Sonny’s stepson.

General Hospital took home some impressive wins at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards. Among them: Tony Geary (Luke), Outstanding Lead Actor, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Jonathan Jackson (ex Lucky), Outstanding Supporting Actor.  The soap also won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Directing.  Finally, General Hospital was named Outstanding Daytime Drama Series.