General Hospital Check Up Week of June 17, 2013

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Will Carly finally get what she deserves?

Sean Blakemore (Shawn, GH)Carly has gone much too far this time.  Anna seems fairly certain that Carly was involved in Olivia’s shooting.  But will Carly pay the price for her actions?  Not if Shawn has anything to say about it.  Shawn intends to confess to the shooting.  He will likely leave Carly’s name out of it, even though she is just as guilty.  So should Shawn confess and protect Carly?  I don’t believe he should.  They are equally to blame.  Yes, it’s sad to think that Carly has a young daughter who needs her.  But Carly needs to be accountable for her actions finally.  She’s done horrible things to so many people over the years.  Enough is enough already.  And for once, Sonny is innocent (sort of).  How’s that for a dramatic twist?

Is Olivia falling back in love with Sonny?  It really looks like she is.  And it makes sense – they have a child together.  So they’re bonded for life.  But, will Connie step aside or will she fight for her former man?  Another interesting twist to come.

The sexual chemistry between Michael and cousin Kiki is a little intense.  It doesn’t even feel weird anymore.  It makes me wonder if we will eventually learn that Franco isn’t really Kiki’s father.  Perhaps Michael and Kiki aren’t related at all.  Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?

This week, Elizabeth will learn the truth about AJ and Carly.  How will she react?  How should she react?  If you ask me, Liz should turn to Nikolas.  The two are wonderful together and they always have been.  Nik and Liz love and trust each other.  And did I mention that they’re an incredibly hot couple?!  So Liz, just dump AJ and stick with Prince Nikolas already. What in the world are you waiting for?

Speaking of the good Prince, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) has inked a new contract.  It’s wonderful news, especially with the return of Genie Francis (Laura). So perhaps Liz and Nikolas will become the show’s new super couple?