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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 16, 2008

General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 16, 2008

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Jerry and Alexis heat things up and Claudia looks after Spinelli


Sebastian Roche (Jerry General Hospital)Hypocrisy is the universal theme on General Hospital these days.  Jason telling Jerry to “dial down the hostility a little bit,” was funny, but talk about pot meeting kettle.

I don’t understand how Sonny giving up his kids miraculously makes them safe.  Doesn’t everyone know who his kids are?  Seriously, what is wrong with Alexis?  She has daughters with the two most dangerous men in town.  I don’t think threatening Anthony was one of her brightest ideas either.  Now her solution to the problem is to get even more tangled up with Jerry?  I guess Alexis summed it up the best when she asked Jerry, “How can you be any worse than the mistakes I’ve already made?”  Later, Alexis told Jerry she only likes men who are “dangerous, difficult, and unhinged.”  Does she even hear the words that come out of her hypocritical mouth?  I really believe Alexis is mentally ill and she should get some help before it’s too late.  Actually, Max hit the nail on the head when he said, “Miss Davis goes on and on about the safety of her kids, then she takes off with some psycho like Jerry Jacks.”  Very well put, Max.

Why didn’t we get to see Jerry and Alexis having their supposed amazing sex?  Don’t get me wrong; I would have closed my eyes.  I just can’t bear to see Alexis get in bed with another criminal.  Alexis claims she’s not “in love” with Jerry.  I’m not sure who she’s trying to convince.  It was obvious by the way Alexis looked at Jerry “the morning after” that she’s smitten.  As for Jerry, I still think he has something up his sleeve.  I think he has an ulterior motive for seducing Alexis.  That being said, Jerry has been living like a monk lately.  We haven’t seen him with a woman since last summer.  My sidebar comment is this: Jerry painted one heck of a vivid picture of his night with Alexis.  I can’t blame Alexis for wanting a sexy man like Jerry.  I can blame her for calling everyone else out on their mistakes and not making better decisions herself.  I do understand why they don’t pair Jerry with another woman in town.  Alexis is the only one gullible enough to fall for his con.  I don’t understand why they don’t pair Alexis with someone “normal” and realistic.  Then again, what man in Port Charles is “normal” and realistic?

I’m not sure how I feel about Jax fighting with Jerry to defend Alexis’ honor.  Alexis is a grown woman and she knows exactly what she’s doing.  It really isn’t Jerry’s fault that she’s fallen under his spell.  I think Jax should leave it alone.  His plate is full enough.  Clearly the whole thing amused Carly.  I disagree with Carly’s comment that Alexis and Jerry are “perfect for each other.”  I’d like to think Jerry can do better.  As much as I like Jerry, I think he disrespected Alexis by taunting Jax about how much sex he and Alexis had.  He did it right in the middle of the PCPD.  He may as well have taken out an ad.  That was in really poor taste, even for Jerry.  Jax and Jerry became two little boys when they fought over Alexis.  Personally, I don’t think she’s worth the fight.

Nikolas had me laughing with his question, “did someone die?” when he saw all the flowers in Alexis’ office.  I absolutely loved the way he read Alexis the riot act about her night with Jerry.  I enjoy it whenever Nikolas is sarcastic and funny.  Like when he suggested to Alexis, “You could just take a nude midnight swim with him and post it on the Internet.”  Nikolas is one royally funny prince.  

I like Max and Diane more and more every time I see them together.  Max respects Diane and that impresses me.  He’s sweet and considerate.  Diane doesn’t hide her feelings for Max and she doesn’t apologize for them either.  She gave up watching a fashion photo shoot for quality time with Max.  All I can say is Diane must really like this guy.  The whole ring misunderstanding was funny.  I think Max would have let Diane keep the ring if it was up to him.  He said he would rather marry Diane than “hurt” her.  He really is a good guy, considering.

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)Once again, Bradford Anderson lit up my television screen this past week.  The only thing funnier than Spinelli is drunk Spinelli.  He and Claudia were too funny on Monday.  Claudia is all of 90 pounds soaking wet and she tried to carry an inebriated Spinelli home on her back?  Clearly, Spinelli amuses Claudia.  Spinelli is afraid of Claudia but I suspect he’s a little bit attracted to her too.  I love how he calls her “Vixenella” and “daughter of darkness.”  I’ll say it again; Bradford Anderson does physical comedy so well.  The world is a stage for Bradford Anderson’s Spinelli and watching him is sometimes like watching a Shakespearian play:

Spinelli: Let me go home to my lady my lady, as fair as can be although

she's been absent of late together somewhere we will be.
Spinelli: Shiny. Shiny bangle, perhaps lost in haste at the stroke of midnight.

Whoever's fragile wrist this fits shall be my own Cinderella.

I actually like the Spinelli, Jason, and Claudia dynamic.  They’re like a dysfunctional little family.  Spinelli kept putting his chin on Jason’s shoulder, which made me laugh.  I like how Claudia defended Spinelli but I’m not sure yet how genuine she was.  I’m afraid Spinelli is developing a crush on Claudia.  She’s well aware of it too and I think she’ll use it to her advantage eventually.  I can hardly wait to see Claudia give Jason a sponge bath next week.

Someone needs to put a leash on Sonny.  That same someone needs to have a talk with Sonny and tell him being abusive isn’t nice.  Am I the only one who hates the way he calls Spinelli “freaky boy?”  I also hate the way he degrades women.  Like the way he referred to Gisele as “that bitch.”  Lately, I find Sonny vile and disgusting.  

I’m liking the support Jason is giving Carly lately.  It’s been a while since Jason has been there for Carly.  The whole situation with Michael has brought them closer together.  

I find Ric really confusing lately.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  He seemed genuinely concerned for Sonny.  I think he really meant it when he told Carly she could come to him if she ever needed anything.  

What have they done with Logan?  We hardly ever see him and when we do, he doesn’t even speak.  Why haven’t we seen him interact with Scott?  Why haven’t they given him a love interest?  Josh Duhon is such a capable actor and I really think he and Logan deserve so much more.

How dumb is Lulu?  That’s a rhetorical question.  She bet Maxie for a date with Johnny just in time for Johnny to hear the details.  What’s wrong with her?  Not only did it totally blow up in her face, now Johnny is taking Maxie on a date!!  Johnny is obviously crazy about Lulu, pun intended.  So what is this girl’s problem?  Someone needs to tell Lulu the surest way to drive a man away is mistrusting him.  Oh, and it’s not a good idea to use him like a “poker chip.”  Lulu is nothing like her father or her mother.  I think it’s an insult when she’s compared to Laura. The little girl doesn’t even come close.  

The only interesting thing about Scrubs lately is Mac hiring Epiphany to guard Robin.  I laugh every time Epiphany calls Patrick “Drake junior.”  I think it’s nice to see Mac so concerned about Robin.  That being said, I do think Mac went a little overboard when he arrested Patrick.  If given the chance, I think Patrick will step up and prove to be a caring and capable father to his child.  

I can’t end this week’s discussion without mentioning the Daytime Emmy Awards.  I told myself I wouldn’t watch the awards because General Hospital was overlooked in so many categories.  The talent of Bradford Anderson, Steve Burton, Ric Hearst, Kirsten Storms, and Sebastian Roche deserved to be recognized.  Those are a few – there are too many others to mention.  I don’t understand how a show can be nominated for best drama and best writing team, yet only one actor made the final list of nominations.  It was nice to see Tony Geary win for best leading actor.  At least General Hospital had the last word by winning for best drama series.

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