General Hospital Check Up - Week of July 7, 2014

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Michelle Stafford (Nina, General Hospital) (c)Kathy HutchinsNina is over the top

Nina is just over the top. May I say that again? Nina is over the top.  I haven’t enjoyed a character this much in a long time. She’s funny, crazy, and scary smart. Nina is just wicked and so very evil. She pretty much has it in for everyone who crosses her path, including her nurse. I guess Nina never learned the importance of not burning bridges. But one thing Nina does get is that you have to keep your enemies close. She’s very manipulative, and so far nobody is the wiser. I can’t help but wonder – was Nina always on the crazy side? Or did the drug induced coma change her personality?

I have to laugh at how immature Nina is too. And that just adds to her charm in a most disturbing way. Nina really does have the maturity of a 16 year old. But her brain is that of a much older genius. I have to give props to the writers for this glorious character. But I give huge props for Michelle Stafford – she’s giving an Emmy worthy performance as the crazy Mrs. Clay.

This may be a stretch, but I’m not convinced that the man who came to Maxie’s apartment is really an Immigration agent. Did he show any identification? I think Levi paid the man to come and try to deport him. Why? It’s simple – to make Nathan look bad. Levi has an agenda, but we still don’t know what it is. So I wouldn’t put it past him to cook up a scheme to make Nathan look bad in Maxie’s eyes.

Ok, I do enjoy Brad, Felix, and Lucas. But I’m not really enjoying their current ‘love triangle.’ These are some handsome, smart, and sexy boys. You can’t convince me that there aren’t other ‘fish in the sea,’ as it were. Enough of this silly behavior boys – it’s time to move on already.

Did any of you believe even for a second that Patrick killed Rafe on the operating table? I didn’t. That’s not Patrick’s style, no matter what the circumstance. I very seldom agree with Sam, but this time I did. Patrick has too much integrity to take his revenge out on a patient – no matter who that patient is.

I’m not really impressed with the story of Rafe dying to save Alice. Don’t get me wrong – I love Alice. And Rafe really wasn’t going anywhere as a character. But this story is too similar to the one all those years ago where Maxie got BJ’s heart. Now that was a story. But seeing again just doesn’t have the same impact on me.

In actor news, Ilene Kirsten (Delia) is off the canvas – at least for now. This fall, watch for William deVry (Julian) on two episodes of Hallmark’s ‘Cedar Cove.’ The actor will air on September 27 and October 4. Fans of reality television can catch Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) on an episode of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’ Watch the episode Tuesday July 22 on ABC. Former ‘GH’ star Steve Burton (ex Jason) welcomed his third child on July 7. And speaking of kids, Derk Cheetwood (Max) and his wife Cari are also expecting their third child.