General Hospital Check Up Week of July 4, 2011

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How will Sonny and Brenda's marriage survive?

Vanessa Marcil, Maurice Benard (Brenda, Sonny, GH)Sonny is a fool.  He’s going to extremes for Carly.  Why?  Sonny’s marriage to Brenda is on shaky ground at best.  Messing with the battle between Carly and Jax will only complicate things.  .  No matter what, Brenda will side with Jax because she understands his position.  No matter what, Sonny will side with Carly because she’s the mother of his kids.  Previews show Sonny going to extremes to help Carly.  That can’t spell happiness for Sonny and Brenda.

So between Sonny siding with Carly and the shooting, Brenda is getting close to walking

away from her marriage.  It wasn’t a good sign that Brenda remembered being shot at in Sonny’s shower all those years ago.  And Sonny actually told Brenda she wasn’t in any real danger – not his best move. 

So many of us really enjoyed watching as Ethan stood up for Kristina against crazy Anthony.  I believe Ethan was telling the truth when he said he would kill Anthony to protect Kristina.  Ethan has a fearless side and that’s very appealing.  But the scheme to make Kristina think Ethan is fooling around with Abby is kind of dumb.  And as Michael said, the plan may very well backfire.  I really believe Ethan has feelings for Kristina.  And the age thing doesn’t matter.  Kristina is a bit immature but she could certainly manage. 

Ethan and Kristina are very much reminiscent of a young Luke and Laura.  The common factor for both couples being the mob element.  Both couples also involved a young, troubled, and impulsive ‘damsel in distress’ being pushed into a life full of danger and excitement.

It sure is nice to have Edward back.  He’s really supportive (albeit manipulative) of Michael.  And the best part is Edward can keep Carly in line.  I don’t agree with Edward’s threat to call in a favor so Carly will lose the custody battle.  That being said, someone has to put Carly in her place.  She has to put things into perspective one of these days.  So why not now?

In actor news, Leslie Charleson (Monica) returns this month and Robin Christopher (Skye) returns to town August 1.  Will other Quartermains follow suit?