General Hospital Check Up Week of July 30, 2012

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Jerry returns to stir things up again

Sean Blakemore (Shawn, GH)Jerry is back and working with Ewen – what a huge reveal that was. Those of us who love this devious character are thrilled! But what does Jerry have on Ewen? Are they related? And why use Robin? I seem to remember that Jerry had some history with Anna. Maybe that’s part of his plan.

Why is Shawn interested in Alexis? No offense but Alexis just isn’t Shawn’s type. And Shawn was spot on – Alexis is very uptight. And she’s the biggest hypocrite in town. On the other hand - Shawn is handsome, sexy, smart, honest, and simply not messed up enough for Alexis. Are we supposed to believe that opposites attract for Alexis (again)?

What’s in the cards for Jason and Elizabeth? They seem very comfortable together. And Elizabeth looks at Jason with tons of love in her eyes. Jason keeps turning to Elizabeth and he’s comfortable confiding in her. So why not put them back together?

That being said, John McBain seems to have great interest in Sam. I say they should hook the two of them up, especially now that Todd told Natalie about the kiss. Put John with Sam and put Jason with Elizabeth. Then we can all be happy. At least until the truth comes out about Sam’s baby. Anything is possible once that truth comes out.

I can’t understand why Starr has such faith in Johnny. Doesn’t she know his history? More importantly, hasn’t she done some research on the man she now owes her career to? Starr trusts Johnny blindly – that’s very out of character for her.

Speaking of research, with all the resources he has, Sonny should do some research on Trey. If he does, won’t he uncover the truth about Joe and Trey? I guess what I’m asking is why don’t these people use Google?

In actor news, watch for the brief return of Ingo Rademacher as Jax. With big brother Jerry back in tow, it was only a matter of time before Jax make an appearance.

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