General Hospital Check Up Week of July 29, 2013

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Kelly Sullivan (Connie, General Hospital)Connie learns the truth

I knew Dr. Clay was Kiki’s father! But the question is, when will everyone learn the truth? It seems Connie spilled the beans to Tracy and it didn’t take her very long. That doesn’t look so good as far as Connie’s relationship with Sonny goes. Especially since Kelly Sullivan (Connie) has already finished up her time at GH. So we can assume (and I know it’s bad to assume) that Sonny won’t be able to forgive Connie for going public about Kiki. After all, Sonny wanted the secret kept so he could prove his love for Morgan. And we all know what happens when someone messes with Sonny’s kids, right? No forgiveness. So does this mean the door is open for Olivia and Sonny?

That being said, I love that Julian Jerome is back and in the form of the superb William deVry. He’s Sam’s father too – that’s a great play on history. Long-time fans remember the Jerome family well. And we sure do remember Julian. So all these years later, not only do the Jeromes return, but Sam is one of them!

It’s funny how Alexis has almost always chosen the criminal man. First Julian, then Sonny, Ric, Jerry, and the list goes on. What does all this say about Alexis?? Yes, she has some issues. But I think there’s much more to it.

I have to say, the most exciting part about Julian’s return is the possibility of a romance with Olivia. He was sure impressed with our little spitfire, wasn’t he. I see a future romance – at least until Julian’s true identity is revealed. Of all the women in Port Charles, Olivia could give Julian a run for his money.

Speaking of romance, it’s pretty obvious that Michael and Kiki will have one soon. I really like them together. No offence to Morgan, but Michael and Kiki just fit together better. Now this could be because of the Michael and Starr pairing – I’m not sure. Either way, I like it.

Is Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche) on his way back? I sure hope so. With all the talk about lead poisoning and Luke heading off in pursuit of a cure, it seems very possible.

In actor news, Kelly Sullivan (Connie) is officially out the door. The actress recently finished filming her final scenes. Emma Samms is back as Holly. And Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) is now on contract status.