General Hospital Check Up - Week of July 28, 2014

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William DeVry, General HospitalJulian takes a drastic measure

I have to admit that I didn’t expect Julian to shoot Mickey. Not that Mickey didn’t deserve it, but Julian just acted on instinct. I guess the lesson for the week is – don’t mess with Julian’s family. It’s nice to see this side of Julian again. The tough and fearless mobster that he is. The cool and manly man. Lately all we’ve been seeing is Julian’s passive side. The side of him that takes orders from “Luke.” I kind of think those passive days are over for Julian now. He sure didn’t back down during that conversation with boss man “Luke.” “Peace out, bitch,” indeed.

It’s nice to see the real Julian back again. Julian is a complicated man. He’s definitely cold blooded but he’s got a sensitive side as well. Julian really does care about his family – Sam, Danny, and Alexis. I think Julian feels genuine love for his family. I’m not saying he’s blameless or innocent. But Julian does appear to be human.

Sam disappointed me a little bit this week. She walked in on Silas and Nina on the couch, yes. But didn’t Sam notice that Sylas couldn’t walk or talk? Silas not only stumbled around, he could hardly speak a complete sentence. He was more than ‘a little drunk,’ and Sam didn’t seem to notice. Really? Sam knows Sylas pretty well so why wasn’t she suspicious? I expected more from Sam – private investigator that she is.

As much as I find myself pulling for Britt, she’s gone too far once again. A missing child is a serious matter. How can Britt claim to love Nickolas and just watch him suffer? Don’t get me wrong, Spencer is guilty too. As much as I love that kid, he’s smart enough to know right from wrong. The whole thing is just bad business. If Nikolas learns the truth, Britt is finished. This one is unforgivable.

Speaking of young Spencer – how adorable was he with Franco? I really enjoyed that interaction. Franco isn’t much more than a child himself so it was like watching two kids interact.

I wonder if Sonny knows how lucky he is to have Spencer on his side. It seems like every time someone has it in for Sonny, young Spencer is there to back him up. I have this vision of an aged Spencer (in say, five years) going to work for his adoring uncle Sonny. Yes, when Sonny retires, Spencer will step in. And perhaps he will marry Jocelyn Jacks.

In actor news, Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) returns from maternity leave this month. The actress will air beginning on August 21. Stephen Kay (ex Reginald) married actress Piper Perabo. Antonio Sabato, Jr’s new daytime reality series “Fix it and Finish it,” begins airing in September. Click this link for more information.