General Hospital Check Up - Week Of July 28, 2008

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Sam sees a familiar face while working for Karpov and Rick Springfield sings


Rick Springfield (Eli/Noah, General Hospital)I’ve had some bad relationships before but I’ve never had a guy jump out of a plane to get away from me.  Seriously Carly, when are you going to cut Jax loose?  Did nobody ever tell you love shouldn’t be this difficult?  There are red lights and warning signs all around you – just open your eyes.  Jax couldn’t even look Carly in the eye when she went on and on about loving him.  No such luck on the wish that Jax’s parachute wouldn’t open.  To make matters worse, Carly was waiting for Jax at his hotel.  I love Ingo I just don’t like this ridiculous character.  “I’m still attracted to you,” Jax said.  Attracted?  What happened to love?  The whole handcuff routine was wasted on Jax.  Carly needs to take the cuffs and the strawberries and go pay Jerry a visit.  I doubt he’d turn her away.

Isn’t it kind of odd how Luke became a hero after raping Laura and Logan is just “combative and unstable” for his treatment of Lulu.  I love Luke but I have to side with Scott on this one.

Is it just me or is everyone confused about Patrick?  Is he still the chief of staff?  I’ve heard nothing about Dr. Ford’s accident on GH.  When will it be addressed?

Thank goodness for Nikolas.  I haven’t laughed at a comment as much as I laughed at Nik saying to Sam and Lucky, “Well, I'm so glad that I was able to contribute millions of dollars to build this nice secret clubhouse.”  Funny, Nick, really funny.  Thanks for making me laugh in Jerry’s absence.  Where has Jerry been, anyway?  I’ve been suffering serious withdrawals.  It’s been a rough 7 episodes without Jerry’s comic relief and sarcasm.  Thanks to Nikolas, I survived another episode.

There was so much going on in the interrogation room; Jason should have made it his satellite office.  He has more visitors that any criminal on daytime.

Why is Dr. Matt lurking around the Drakes and eavesdropping?  Is there a hidden Drake/Hunter connection?  I think yes.  But I also think there’s much more to Matt than what we’re seeing.  Could Matt be working undercover?  That would sure explain why Mac let him move into the Scorpio house.   Maxie and Dr. Matt are a crack up.  I love the way Matt deliberately gets under Maxie’s skin.  I’m not sure about them as a couple.  I think I would enjoy them more as enemies.

Rick Springfield sang his new single last Tuesday – the same day his new CD dropped.  Having seen him live a few times, I can tell you Rick’s a great performer.  He’s still got it. 

Speaking of Rick, I think I’ve had enough Eli Love already.  Now that Anna literally kicked Eli to the curb, will she finally get together with Noah?

Poor Max and Milo.  They sure suffered at the hands (and feet) of Anna too.  Max was funny when he said, “I got my butt kicked by a grandma.”   Sonny was really amused by the whole thing, which made me laugh.

Jerry finally returned and it’s safe to say he’s back to his old tricks.  I hope they finish what they start this time and don’t leave us wondering like they did with Jerry’s last story.  Now that Sam and Jerry are both on Karpov’s team, how long before Sam runs to Alexis to tattle on Jerry?

The whole brawl with Scotty and the Q’s was so hilarious.  Alice steals every scene she’s in.  She totally called Scotty on wanting to prosecute Lulu only to get back at “Mr. Luke.”  Maybe next time Alice will demo some of those wrestling holds on Scotty like she keeps threatening to do.

So Lourdes knows who Johnny and Lulu really are.  This girl is annoying.  Lets hope Lourdes doesn’t end up in Port Charles.  The kid is an absolute nightmare.

Why is it we get a few seconds of Liz and Jason and what seems like hours of Kate and Sonny?  I’m not a fan of Kate and Sonny.  They bore me to the point of changing the channel.  Jason and Liz are another story.  I find them interesting and sweet.  Monica was right when she said Jason, Liz and the kids make a “beautiful” family.  How cute was baby Jake squirming in his mommy’s arms?  More please.

The same goes with Jerry.  Why does an actor like Sebastian Roche and a character like Jerry Jacks get only a couple lines per episode?  Not to mention only a couple of episodes per week.  Both actor and character are capable of so much more.  The whole Sam and Jerry dynamic is, well – dynamic.  We need to see more of them together.  They have a unique chemistry and tension when they’re together.  Again, more please - lots more.