General Hospital Check Up Week of July 25, 2011

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Lucky's past addiction creeps up on him

Erin Chambers (Siobhan, GH)Siobhan needs to check herself. She’s becoming paranoid. I do agree that Elizabeth isn’t ready to work yet but still. Siobhan is obviously quite threatened by Liz. Siobhan is letting her insecurities show. And she’s

shooting below the belt blaming Liz for Jake’s death.

It’s strange how Siobhan has become boarder line psychotic all of a sudden. Maybe she was always crazy and just hid it well.

Is it me, or does the thought of Lucky ‘meeting up with’ his old dealer a little bit scary? An addict is an addict. Obviously this was a bad idea any way you slice it. In this situation I agree with Siobhan. She’s a bit over the top but right to be afraid and concerned for Lucky. Ethan is right too – Lucky shouldn’t handle the drug case. Ethan is stepping up and being a brother to Lucky. It’s nice to see, especially with Nikolas gone.

But Lucky appears to be in way over his head. I can’t help wondering who will save him. Will it be Siobhan or Elizabeth? Perhaps the two will put their differences aside and work together to save the man they both love.

Helena sure has an eerie understanding of Luke. She understands him better than the family does. They have such a weird sexual chemistry. I for one can’t wait to see the two together again.

So we were treated to another glimpse into the dark side of Nikolas again. He reminds me of the Nikolas who came to town all those years ago. Nikolas is resentful, that’s for sure. And he appears to be going down a dangerous path. It’s unfortunate that Nikolas seems to be on a downward spiral. His Cassadine side is showing – that’s for sure.

In actor news, watch for a new and different looking Kate Howard to return to the canvas. Kelly Sullivan has been hired as the recast Kate, replacing the extremely popular Ward. Watch for Sullivan to air this fall.