General Hospital Check Up - Week of July 21, 2014

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Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)Maxie delivers some shocking news

Maxie is jumping in head first once again. She’s planning to marry Levi – and it won’t be pretty. Levi is up to something – and it’s more than just staying in the country. I wonder if Levi is somehow related to Mac and Robert. Remember – that wouldn’t make him a blood relative to Maxie. But could Levi be Mac’s long lost son? Maybe he’s come back to get revenge or whatever it is he thinks he deserves. Either way, I don’t think Levi has any care or concern for Maxie. I think he’s using Maxie as a means to an end.


Nathan on the other hand is smitten. He’s totally taken with Maxie. And Maxie likes Nathan too. It would be nice to see Maxie settle down with a ‘normal’ man, wouldn’t it? Nathan is really a truly nice guy. He’s good looking, smart, funny, and employed. And Nathan is on the right side of the law. Maxie – wake up! Choose Nathan!

Sam isn’t the sharpest tool, but she’s on to something. I think Sam may just catch Nina at her own game – at least I hope so. It’s too bad Silas isn’t on board. Silas sees Nina as a helpless victim. But Nina is anything but helpless. Together, Sam and Silas could set a trap for Nina. The two could (and should) pretend to break up and execute a plan to expose Nina.

In the meantime, it sure is fun watching Nina extract her revenge. She really is over the top. And as with most over the top characters, Nina is wickedly funny. She really has no filter. But that just makes her more fun to watch. I think (and hope) we’re in for a lot more of Nina’s twisted version of reality.

In actor news, be sure to watch for the return of Kim McCullough as the beloved Robin Scorpio-Drake next month. McCullough’s co-star Jason Thompson (Patrick) recently got engaged to his girlfriend Paloma Jonas.