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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up - Week Of July 21, 2008

General Hospital Check Up - Week Of July 21, 2008

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Scotty returns and Lulu helps Johnny break free


Brandon Barrish (Johnny, General Hospital)I’m really giving it the old “college try” but Jax lost me this week.  Lets review.  First, Jax chose to keep Jerry in his life after the whole hostage crisis reveal.  Now, he’s siding with Kate over Carly.  Jax tells Carly to “trust’ him but he has no faith in what she says.  Jax just assumes Carly is trying to ruin his business with Kate and Crimson.  He doesn’t even consider the possibility that Kate might be manipulating the situation.  Has anyone thought of checking Carly’s caller ID on her incoming calls?  Jax is showing such disrespect to Carly.  That bothers me.  Granted, Carly’s done some dumb things but not dumb enough for Jax to leave her.  I’m speaking of the dumb things Jax is aware of.   If I were Carly, I’d get rid of Jax, now.  Carly needs to cut her losses and find a man she can be happy with.  A man she has more in common with and one who adores her.  What about Jerry?  He and Carly had some great chemistry and some great adventures in the past.  Carly is the only woman who can even come close to keeping up with Jerry and vice versa.   I think the two of them would really compliment each other.  The two of them are also funny together.  Jax has no sense of humor.  Those genes must have gone to his brother.  Jax also needs to look up “commitment” in the dictionary.  Jax is great at “getting” married but he’s awful at “staying” married.  Jerry commented on that a few weeks back.  Carly called Jax out on the same thing Tuesday.  

Carly’s plan to frame Ric for Logan’s murder was disappointing.  Did Carly forget how Ric saved her from drowning in the cannery accident?  Surely she can find some other way to help Lulu.  Lets hope Carly’s latest idea is soon forgotten.

The Johnny and Lulu on the run story is iffy at best.  I’m not buying them as the younger version of Luke and Laura, sorry.  I can vividly remember Luke and Laura’s many adventures on the run.  The way Laura hung the sheet across the bed to separate them when they slept.  The way they lived as Lloyd and Lucy Johnson in Beachers Corners.  Those were magical and romantic adventures.  Magical and romantic are two things that Lulu and Johnny aren’t.  So far, the Johnny and Lulu adventure is juvenile and dull.  What is with Sal and Lourdes?  Why is Johnny teaching Lourdes to play the piano?  The characters add nothing to this already boring story.  Remember the Luke and Laura days with Hutch and Scorpio?  Now those were colorful, interesting characters that added something to the adventures.  Even though this story isn’t for me, I still love Johnny.  He’s cute, dangerous and unhinged.  What’s not to love?

I’m getting a bad feeling about Nadine and Matt.  Could it be that Nadine is getting in way over her head?  

Anthony’s disrespect toward Claudia was completely disgusting.  You know it’s bad when Sonny has to step in to defend a woman.  It was nice to see Sonny act like a gentleman for a change.  I still like the idea of Claudia and Sonny together.  Talk about a perfect match.

So Diane got Cody Paul acquitted?  I’m thinking Cody will end up working for Jason.  He’d make a great enforcer, assuming we ever see him again.

Lucky Spencer.  How can someone so beautiful be so clueless?  Just something I’ve been pondering for a long time.  

Poor Spinelli.  He was so disappointed to hear about Maxie’s deal with Claudia.  On the other hand, Spinelli gave Maxie credit for telling the truth.  She really had no choice since Claudia would have told Spinelli the truth.

Mac or Spinelli?  Who had the funniest reaction to Maxie’s “Fine, you win.  We’ll ride home in the squad car. But I swear, as soon as we get there, I’ll hightail it to the Metro Court and have sex with the first bell man I can find.”   Poor Mac – he gets so uncomfortable when Maxie talks about sex.  Spinelli didn’t react much better.  The look on his face was worth a thousand words.

Sorry but why did Robin rent Georgie’s room to Matt?   It seems a little ridiculous.  Here’s my take on the situation.  Mac agreed with Robin’s idea to rent the room to Matt the “normal” doctor.  Maybe Mac’s hope is that Maxie will turn her interest to Matt and cut her ties with Spinelli and Jason.  It still seems strange to me.  What does anyone really know about Matt Hunter anyway?  Also, why would Mac want a handsome young man living in the house with his daughter?  I think the whole thing will turn out to be a huge mistake on Mac’s part.

Scotty is back, finally.  It would have been nice if he came back before Logan died.  Their father and son relationship wasn’t even close to being developed for some reason.  There was so much potential for that story.  It’s too bad it was never taken to the next level.  Either way, it’s always nice to see Kin Shriner.  

Scotty blames Lulu for Logan’s death.  Once Scotty finds out just how involved Lulu was in the murder, he’s sure to make her pay dearly.  Scotty is trying to flush out Johnny and Lulu by offering up a reward.  He’s never gotten over losing Laura to Luke.  That’s the driving force behind his determination to put the blame on Lulu.  Scotty seems to have an obsession with getting revenge on Luke.  The truth about the murder will eventually come out but will it happen before or after Luke returns?  Don’t forget Laura returns soon, which should give this story more depth and excitement.  


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