General Hospital Check Up week of July 20, 2009

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Things aren't looking good for Claudia

Sarah Brown & Maurice Benard (Claudia & Sonny, General Hospital)Chip from the country club amused me. I especially enjoyed his reaction to Sonny's threat using "The Godfather" reference. Even funnier was Edward's reaction to Sonny's threat. Old Edward has a very interesting sense of humor.

Jason needs a few moments alone with Kiefer. He could cure Kiefer's need to slap young girls around. And someone needs to tell Kristina that it's NEVER ok for a boy to

hit her. Not only did Kristina "forgive" Kiefer, she kissed him AFTER he hit her! I see Kristina takes after Alexis with her choice in a man. The girl definitely needs an intervention.

I don't think I've ever heard Sam call Alexis "mom" before. It was a little odd. Sam also called Kristina "Krissy." Even when she was a little girl, I don't recall anyone calling Kristina "Krissy." Again, a little odd. Maybe it's just me.

I know it gets a little old sometimes with Jason being everyone's big brother, but his relationship with Michael works for me. Jason will fight to the death for Michael. He even offered himself up in Michael's place when Michael was arrested. Yes, I would love to see Jason have a relationship with Jake. But in the meantime, I like seeing his interactions with Michael.

Jax is such a white knight - and I mean that in the best way. Jax called Morgan his "son" when the paramedics came to get Carly. Jax didn't even hesitate when he said it. THAT was a beautiful moment. Not only is Jax protective and loving with Carly, he's devoted to Morgan. I've done a complete turn around on Jax. He's become protective, selfless, and respectful.

Speaking of Morgan, I really liked seeing Johnny comfort him. It makes sense - Johnny lost his mom at a young age so he understood Morgan's fear. And Aaron Refvem (Morgan) did such a great job - his tears tugged at my heart. I love this young man - he's really a terrific little actor. Aaron has an impressive resume - In addition to numerous film and theater roles, Aaron has done episodes of "Dexter," "Two and a Half Men," and "Grey's Anatomy." I think we'll be hearing much more about Aaron in the future.

It's still not clear who caused the car accident. But poor Michael was swimming in guilt and Kristina said nothing to help him. Kristina could be the guilty party and she just stood there and let Michael think he caused the accident. I don't think Michael ran Claudia off the road. I think it was someone else. Maybe Andrea? Maybe that's why Andrea is so determined to blame Alexis? But if it was Michael, Can Claudia take revenge on him given what she did? I don't think she can. I don't think Johnny will let her either. I don't think it evens things up between Michael and Claudia, but how can Claudia (in good conscience) punish Michael if he caused her accident? I'd have to put more blame on Sonny for giving Michael the car in the first place. And since when can a person who just awoke from a Coma get a drivers license?

The tension between Sonny and Johnny is even better than before. Honestly, I think if and when they ever come to blows, Johnny will be the last man standing.

I'm still hoping Dante is a "good guy." His conversation with Olivia about his line of work was so vague. It sounds like he's an under cover agent and Olivia supports him but doesn't approve of his career choice. But on the other hand, Dante could just as easily be a career criminal.

Here's what bothers me - why did they do the brain surgery on Claudia? Didn't they know the baby was "compromised" before the surgery? I thought they ran tests and said the baby was ok. Nothing was said about the damage done by the seatbelt until after the surgery. If Claudia was losing the baby anyway, why not just give her the meds rather than subject her to brain surgery? The whole thing was just sad. It's obvious Claudia loves the baby. She was willing to endure brain surgery to protect him.

The joy certainly didn't last long for Claudia, did it? She got just what she hoped for - Sonny's child. Too bad it was snatched away from her so quickly. I really, really feel for Claudia. The woman loved her baby and now there's nothing she can do to save him. It's out of her hands. The baby was Claudia's saving grace - someone for her to love and protect. He was her chance to turn things around, in more ways than one. And I believe Claudia would have been a good and loving mother. I wish things had turned out differently for her. I'd like to see Claudia find happiness. If she can't find happiness with Sonny, maybe Claudia can find it with someone else.

That being said, I would love to see Sonny back with Olivia. I'm a big fan of my fellow Michigan girl, Lisa LoCicero. In addition to being gorgeous and charismatic, Lisa has great chemistry with Maurice Benard. But the question still remains - will Sonny forgive Olivia when he finds out the truth about Dante? I hope Sonny understands Olivia's reason for keeping their son a secret. I think he will - it just may take some time.