General Hospital Check Up Week of July 16, 2012

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Love is in the air – along with a whole lot of crazy

Robin Mattson (Heather, GH)Things are out of control in Port Charles. Starr is falling for Michael, Todd is crazy about Blair, and Heather is on a rampage. And let’s not forget poor Patrick – he’s heading downhill fast. And is Robin alive??

As ridiculous as it seems to even say the words, Todd was pretty funny in the horror film hockey mask. No other man could pull that one off. And how about Luke’s comment “you must be a friend of Heather’s.” Very nice comic relief. It’s too bad Luke and Todd don’t interact more. They could do some comedic damage.

The whole ‘Heather holds Luke captive’ scenario brings up a big question for me.  If Luke is tied up for days on end, does he get bathroom privileges? And how is it that Luke doesn’t look half bad, considering? It’s a valid question, don’t you think?

It didn’t take long for Dante and Anna to close in on Heather’s guilt. We all know Heather didn’t kill Anthony. But she did dispose of the body. And there was that whole Maggie situation that she was responsible for. But you have to give Heather props – she’s a very convincing story teller. She’s the best we’ve seen in a long time.

Poor Olivia. It was only a matter of time before Heather would really target her. And true to form, our Olivia is fearless. But she made a big mistake turning her back on Heather and making that phone call to Dante. 

I feel for Spinelli. It’s so hard to love someone who keeps breaking your heart and disappointing you. Someone who can’t seem to put you first. Loving someone like Maxie is just plain exhausting. Spinelli needs to find himself a young woman worthy of his quirky self. I always thought they would age Molly and pair her with Spinelli.

In actor news, fans were treated to a brief return of actress Kim McCullough (Robin) this week. McCullough’s on screen husband Jason Thompson (Patrick) told Soap Opera Digest, ‘it was great to work with Kimberly again.’  Here's hoping we'll see more of McCullough in the coming months.