General Hospital Check Up - Week Of July 14, 2008

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Carly has a plan and Maxie turns to Spinelli for comfort


Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, General Hospital)Didn’t you just love the look Carly shot at Sonny when he said, “don’t even think to come back to me” after Jax dumps you.  Judging by the way Carly spoke to Sonny, I think she’s finally over him.  Judging by the way Sonny spoke to Carly, I think he truly despises her.  Of course, it could be that he protests too much.  Time will tell.

You have to hand it to Carly.  She put her cards on the table when she admitted to Jax what she did to Kate.  Carly didn’t hide the fact that her intention was to bring Kate down.  Of course, she managed to steer clear of telling Jax about the limo sex.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson were dynamite when Maxie shared Logan’s attack with Spinelli.  I love the way she trusted him enough to tell him the whole truth too.  Things went from great to fabulous with those two.  Their love scene on Tuesday was as sweet as it was awkward.  Maxie had way too many buttons on her shirt but Spinelli’s difficulty with them just added to the moment.  The best part was when Jason came home unexpectedly.  Jason’s expression said what no words could as he backed out of the penthouse to give the two some privacy.

Was I the only one who found it interesting that Spinelli called “the blonde one” Lulu?  Not once, but two or three times.  Is it possible that Spinelli is finally over Lulu? 

I liked how Maxie owned up to using Spinelli for sex.  I hated how much Maxie’s words hurt Spinelli.  Poor Spinelli has a broken heart. 

Can’t you just see Lulu’s nervous breakdown coming any day now?  She clearly has a guilty conscience about killing Logan and letting Johnny take the blame.  How long before she can’t cope is anyone’s guess.  Her only hope may be Jason to the rescue.  Lulu certainly could do worse than have Jason on her side.  Honestly, Lulu proved to be a loose cannon when she came to the PCPD packing heat.  But what will the fallout bring?

We don’t see nearly enough of Mike.  It’s nice to see his concern for Sonny.  He has a good understanding of the seriousness of the situation.  Sonny and Mike are so much alike.  Mike is a gambling addict so he understands Sonny’s addiction to power.  After all, addiction is addiction.  Unfortunately in this case, like father, like son.

It’s always great to see Mac Scorpio.  When Jerry is added to the mix, anything goes.  Mac and Jerry have some old history.  Never mind that Jerry looked like Julian Stone back then.  Clearly Mac really dislikes Jerry.  I actually enjoyed it when Mac brought Jerry to his knees with that punch to the back.   When Lucky came to check on the commotion, Mac’s explanation for why Jerry was on the floor was, “Mr. Jax just lost his balance,” which I loved.  Lets not forget about Mac’s interesting past.  He can get down and dirty with the best of them, even Jerry Jacks.

I’m really starting to warm up to Jason Cook.  Something about him reminds me of Tyler Christopher.  I think it’s the way he’s so serious on the outside yet he can do sarcasm and dark humor so well.  Dr. Matt Hunter is starting to grow on me too.  He’s very sarcastic and has an odd and dark sense of humor.  Like the way he kept pushing on Jerry’s bruise, even though he knew it was painful.  I mean, Jerry’s discomfort and pain were pretty obvious but doctor Matt kept it up.  It was almost as if the doctor enjoyed inflicting the pain on Jerry.  I kind of got the impression these two would be “working together” sooner than not.  Matt obviously has some connection to the counterfeit drugs in town.   Jerry was way too interested in Matt’s finances when he questioned how much the doctor was in debt.  I’m thinking the two of them may be peddling drugs on the same team soon enough.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Eli Love turned out to be one major disappointment.  Imagine a man embarrassed to be seen with a woman as spectacular as Anna just because she’s about to become a grandmother?  Hopefully, Eli’s ignorance will push Anna into the arms of Noah pretty soon.

There’s more good news for us “old school” General Hospital fans.  Genie Francis (Laura) returns for a limited run next month.  Finally.