General Hospital Check Up - Week of January 6, 2014

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How will Carly escape Heather’s clutches?

Laura Wright (Carly, GH)Poor Carly is really in over her head this time. Let’s face it – Heather is calling all the shots. And if Heather gets her way, Carly won’t survive. Heather wants Carly dead, and Heather tends to get what she wants.

I think Carly’s only real hope is Franco. I’m thinking maybe Franco will go back to Heather’s grave and find her missing. Then he’ll figure it out. But he better do it fast.

I sort of have this fantasy about Sonny saving Carly – I don’t know why. It just seems right. And Sonny would kill Heather. He would make certain she was dead – unlike Franco.

I don’t enjoy drunken, self-loathing AJ. He’s come so far to revert back to that person. And for the record, I don’t think AJ killed Connie. I think he was much too drunk at the time to do that kind of damage.

That being said, I believe Julian or Ava shot Connie. Remember that Connie had just figured out that Derek was really Julian and she was trying to reach Sonny. I think AJ passed out and either Ava or Julian found Connie trying to call Sonny. They shot Connie to shut her up.

Will Sabrina cave and go along with Carlos’ plan? I think it all depends on her conversation with Patrick. As much as Carlos is trying to help Sabrina, she really needs to let Patrick in on the truth. It wouldn’t be fair to take the baby away without giving Patrick any input.

So Sylas is married? Honestly that doesn’t bother me so much. But he should have leveled with Sam as soon as they became more than friends. I find it hard to believe that Sylas tried to kill his wife. Ava on the other hand would do it without skipping a beat. She has no morals or scruples. And if Ava wanted Sylas for herself, she would have done anything to make that happen.

In actor news, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex Johnny) are the proud parents of baby girl Harper Rose – born January 7. You can see the beautiful baby here.

Speaking of babies, Bradford Anderson (ex Spinelli) and his wife are expecting their second child in May.

Finally, watch for veteran actress Shirley Jones to appear some time next month.